Harris won't face sex assault charges

Insufficient evidence against cornerback

Prosecutors have decided to not charge Green Bay Packers cornerback Al Harris in a sexual assault case that investigators say happened at an adult entertainment club, the Miami Herald reported.

The decision followed an investigation into an exotic dancer's allegation that Harris sexually assaulted her April 17 in the private Champagne Room at The Cheetah Pompano in the early morning hours in Pompano Beach, Fla.

"This case will be declined for prosecution because there is insufficient credible evidence to support a prosecution," prosecutor Dennis Siegel said Friday in a close-out memo.

"The victim's credibility has been undermined by her conflicting statements concerning her sexual activities in the club, as well as her admissions of a history of prostitution including within the club."

The woman, who has returned to her native Brazil, has not been identified.

Harris, an eight-year NFL veteran, was part of a group in the Cheetah's Champagne Room with the young dancer.

At one point, the woman told Broward Sheriff's Office investigators, everyone left the room, leaving her and Harris alone.

The woman said she performed a sexual act on Harris and when she finished, he sexually assaulted her. She said she asked him to stop but he refused.

The evidence revealed that sexual contact did occur between the woman and Harris, but there were numerous conflicting statements from the woman and witnesses, making it too difficult to prosecute the case, according to Siegel.

"The inconsistencies could be utilized by the defense to attack the victim's credibility," Siegel wrote. "This case will be declined for prosecution because there is insufficient credible evidence to support a prosecution."

After practice Friday, Harris, 31, told a WGBA-TV Green Bay reporter that he hadn't heard of the prosecutor's decision.

"That's news to me... I haven't talked to anybody from the state attorney's office.." Harris told the reporter. ``...um, this is all news to me.'' Harris' agent, Jack Bechta, told The Herald that the decision was expected.

"It has been frustrating for Al," Bechta said. "The girl was not credible from the beginning and we're glad that the state sex crimes unit took its time investigating the situation thoroughly," Bechta told The Herald.

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