Player roundup

Here is a list of the Green Bay Packers' player transactions since the beginning of this year:<p>

Unrestricted Free Agents

WR Corey Bradford signed three-year contract with Texans on 3/10/02

DT Gilbert Brown re-signed on 4/23/02

TE Tyrone Davis re-signed to 1-year contract 4/23/02

T Earl Dotson re-signed to 1-year contract 4/12/02

DT Jim Flanigan still an unrestricted free agent

FB William Henderson re-signed to 4-year contract 3/1/02

LB Rob Holmberg re-signed on 4/10/02

S Billy Jenkins signed two-year contract with Bills 4/5/02

QB Doug Pederson re-signed to 1-year contract 4/2/02

CB/KR Allen Rossum signed three-year contract with Falcons 3/13/02

WR Bill Schroeder signed four-year contract with Lions 3/14/02

T/G Barry Stokes signed two-year contract with Browns 4/1/02

G Mike Wahle re-signed to six-year contract 3/8/02

Restricted free agents

WR Donald Driver re-signed to 1-year contract 4/16/02

DE/DT Cletidus Hunt re-signed to 1-year contract 4/24/02

CB Tod McBride re-signed to 1-year contract 4/24/02

LB K.D. Williams did not receive a qualifying offer from Packers

Exclusive rights free agents

RB Herbert Goodman re-signed to 1-year contract 2/21/02

DT Rod Walker re-signed to 1-year contract 4/2/02

2002 offseason moves

May 10 QB Marcus Brady signed

May 8 LB Adrian Hollingshed signed

May 8 QB Dave Meyer released

Apr. 26 LB Kenny Harney released

Apr. 25 G Kevin Barry signed

Apr. 25 C Andy Eby signed

Apr. 25 LB Kenny Harney signed

Apr. 25 WR Richard Lewis signed

Apr. 25 CB Seneca McMillan signed

Apr. 25 LB Marcus Wilkins signed

Apr. 24 DE/DT Cletidus Hunt re-signed

Apr. 24 CB Tod McBride re-signed

Apr. 24 LB Algie Atkinson signed

Apr. 24 P Scott Elder signed

Apr. 24 RB Tony Fisher signed

Apr. 24 DT Ken Kocher signed

Apr. 24 TE Bill Seymour signed

Apr. 24 CB Erwin Swiney signed

Apr. 24 S Jeremy Unertl signed

Apr. 23 DT Gilbert Brown re-signed

Apr. 23 TE Tyrone Davis re-signed

Apr. 16 WR Donald Driver re-signed

Apr. 12 T Earl Dotson re-signed

Apr. 10 LB Rob Holmberg re-signed

Apr. 5 S Billy Jenkins agrees to terms with Bills

Apr. 4 QB Dave Meyer signed

Apr. 4 P Corey Sargent released

Apr. 2 QB Doug Pederson re-signed

Apr. 2 DT Rod Walker re-signed

Apr. 1 T Barry Stokes signed with Browns

Mar. 27 DE John Thierry signed with Falcons

Mar. 26 DE Joe Johnson signed

Mar. 26 TE Rufus French signed

Mar. 14 WR Bill Schroeder agreed to terms with Lions

Mar. 13 CB/KR Allen Rossum signed with Falcons

Mar. 12 LB Anthony Sessions signed

Mar. 12 FB Reggie Brown released

Mar. 10 WR Corey Bradford signed with Texans

Mar. 8 G Mike Wahle re-signed

Mar. 8 WR Terry Glenn acquired in trade

Mar. 5 WR Windrell Hayes signed

Mar. 1 FB William Henderson agreed to terms

Feb. 28 RB Dorsey Levens released

Feb. 27 DT Santana Dotson released

Feb. 27 LB Bernardo Harris released

Feb. 27 DE John Thierry released

Feb. 21 DE John Gilmore signed & assigned to NFL Europe

Feb. 21 WR Kenny Coutain terminated

Feb. 21 S Gana Joseph terminated

Feb. 21 S Terrence Carroll waived after failing physical

Feb. 8 QB Henry Burris agreed to terms with Chicago Bears

Feb. 7 QB Josh Heupel agreed to terms

Feb. 7 RB Joey Dozier assigned to NFL Europe

Feb. 7 RB Herbert Goodman assigned to NFL Europe

Feb. 7 G/LS Ed Kehl assigned to NFL Europe

Feb. 7 LB Paris Lenon assigned to NFL Europe

Feb. 7 LB Cornell Menafee assigned to NFL Europe

Feb. 7 P Corey Sargent assigned to NFL Europe

Feb. 7 G/T Tim Stuber assigned to NFL Europe

Feb. 7 CB Hurley Tarver assigned to NFL Europe

Feb. 7 S Emile White assigned to NFL Europe

Feb. 5 FB Chris Gall re-signed

Feb. 5 WR Kerry Hood signed

Feb. 5 FB Kevin McLeod signed

Feb. 1 WR Mike Horacek signed with Arena League

Jan. 24 WR Karsten Bailey signed

Jan. 24 FB Reggie Brown signed

Jan. 24 DE Terry Bryant signed

Jan. 24 S Terrence Carroll signed

Jan. 24 RB Joey Dozier signed

Jan. 24 DE Aaron Fields signed

Jan. 24 S Scott Frost signed

Jan. 24 G/LS Ed Kehl signed

Jan. 24 LB Paris Lenon signed

Jan. 24 LB Cornell Menafee signed

Jan. 24 P Corey Sargent signed

Jan. 24 G/T Tim Stuber signed

Jan. 24 CB Hurley Tarver signed

Jan. 24 G/C Chris Watton signed

Jan. 24 WR Emile White signed

Jan. 24 S George White signed

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