Sydney Speaks! Perception vs. Reality

Sometimes as fans we want to believe something so bad that we bury our heads in the sand, or we come up with some of the most amazing excuses to justify the decisions that we make. We form our opinions on assumptions or we want to believe so bad that our judgment is based so much on the past that the present escapes us. Therefore our perceptions cloud our judgment and we walk around not knowing what is real or what is false. In today's column, YOU DECIDE FOR YOURSELF!!!!

For us that watched that embarrassment on Monday Night we sat in disbelief because to a lot of us it looked like the Packers quit and even some of the players such as William Henderson, Ahmad Carroll and Aaron Kampman felt the same way. We watched the interceptions, the penalties, the shabby tackling and players just watching the game go by and it looked as if Brett Favre didn't want to be there. His mannerisms reminded me of what I saw in Michael Vick the night before. Vick had that same look in his eyes that Favre had in his. That look of I don't care, let's just get it over because they couldn't win anyway. What's worse is his play resembled that. His decision-making process was horrible at best and he became very selfish. He threw the ball into a crowd time after time and he and the Packers were lucky that he only threw two interceptions.

PERCEPTION is that he doesn't have any talent around him and he is forced to try and make every play by himself therefore he throws it into double and triple coverage. I do understand that people see things differently and some actually think that Donald Driver or Robert Ferguson should out-battle any and everyone to come down with the ball. And, yes, the train of thought for receivers is if you don't get it no one does, but is that REALITY?

PERCEPTION: Mike Sherman thought that the 48-3 loss was just because of turnovers and penalties and that this team was ready for that game and it didn't quit. He believed that the Packers matched the intensity of the Ravens and just fell short.

REALITY: Mike Sherman sometimes, I believe, seems to not have a clue as to what's going on. An example of this would be the Bubba Franks saga. Can someone please explain how someone that gets carted out on a stretcher on Sunday night and stays in the hospital in Philly until the next day, then comes back to town and doesn't practice until, maybe Friday, when no one is in pads, which means no one really knows the real level of contact that he can withstand and is allowed to play the following Sunday against probably the most physical team? How does that happen? Even if the doctors give the OK, who's responsibility is it to say, ‘Look Bubba you are our future at tight end. We just paid you big money, so let's wait awhile before taking a risk.' We all know Bubba's a competitor and wants to play and is going to say, ‘I'm ready coach, put me in.' Now he's been put on injured reserve because of this smart move. PERCEPTION OR REALITY?!

REALITY: Mike Sherman has an incredible winning percentage since he has been the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. I believe it's something like 53-27 with three NFC North Division Titles. Those are facts, numbers don't lie. Also under his watch the Packers have a 2-4 postseason record and are 12-13 at home since 2002 as well as having a 1-7 road record this year, worst in 26 years. Another fact that has been lost is of those 53 wins, 23 have been over the Bears, Lions and Vikings and we know how bad these guys have been over the years. When you have Pro Bowlers such as Marco Rivera, Brett Favre, Bubba Franks, William Henderson, Javon Walker, Ahman Green and now we must include new Pro Bowlers, Mike Wahle and Josh Bidwell, how could any coach not win a lot of games? REALITY OR PERCEPTION?

PERCEPTION: Because of injuries this year Mike Sherman shouldn't be fired and I agree with that, but the REALITY is what about not getting further in the post-season when there weren't many injuries? What about the bad clock management that has been happening, and lack of game-time adjustments, poor special teams, and fourth-and-26, or fourth-and-1 in the other years. Maybe even 48-3 when the team quit on national television this year.

I understand PERCEPTION can be swayed by what we want to see but REALITY is what we must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at, and he will forward it to him.

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