Sydney Speaks! Sherman decisions questionable

First, Merry Christmas to everyone! Now that I got that out of the way, it's time to move on to the game. Christmas Day, the Bears and Packers, the Frozen Tundra, Brett Favre verses the Bears defense, the Packers defense verses the running machine of the Bears. So what happens? The Packers play Santa. Gift after gift was given to Chicago.

Trust me I expected the Bears to win but I was hoping it would be because they just were a better team, not due to the fact that mistake after mistake was made. Remember these are my opinions. If you've been following my columns, I have been saying the same things all year. I haven't jumped off or on any bandwagons. I've stated where I thought this team would be at the end of the year and why. The same things have been happening all year and against the Bears it was the same song different game, but same results. Here's why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though certain moves might not change at that moment you have to coach like they might. For example, why make that challenge on whether Noah Herron was stopped at the six-inch line? Why stop the momentum. Wasn't there anyone giving Mike Sherman advice, or didn't he take it? Why waste a timeout when the whole world saw he was short. Then with the Antonio Chatman challenge it was such a gray area that I could see there wasn't enough evidence to change the officials call. Couldn't Mike? Just because the player jumps up and down and says, ‘I caught it, throw the flag,' doesn't mean you have to throw the flag. But then again the inmates have been running the asylum, haven't they?

The other bonehead move in my opinion were the on-side kicks. What in the world was he thinking? And what was worse he had two chances to do the right thing and still messed up. Mike Sherman should throw whatever chart he is looking at away. With 1:53 to go in the game with all three timeouts left and needing a touchdown you kick it deep, pin them back, then make them punt like you did and have better field position so you don't have to drive almost 90 yards with no timeouts. With one or two timeouts you try for an onside kick because then the Bears could just take a knee and the game's over if they recover it, but that wasn't the case. Everyone knew at that time they didn't want to throw it because an incomplete pass would stop the clock. So why not line up like you were going to kick an onside kick, realizing that the Bears would have their hands team on the field, then kick it deep because the Bears hands team probably is made up of receivers, backs and people that aren't used to blocking so at worst you stop them on the 25-yard line. Then you use your timeouts, make them punt, and get the ball back on maybe the 30-yard line with 1 minute left to go in the game. But then again, Chatman did return one punt already for a touchdown.

To me this coaching decision, without a doubt, took all chances of the Packers winning and threw it out the window. Coaching is about putting your players in position to win not taking them out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another decision that I don't understand is why wasn't Aaron Rodgers holding instead of Ryan Finn. Earlier this year remember when Ryan Longwell blamed or called out the holder, B.J. Sander, after they have been together all off-season, training camp and season and said they weren't comfortable. At that time they said they were working Aaron Rodgers in as well. My question to Mike Sherman is wouldn't it have made sense to have Aaron Rodgers do the holding opposed to a guy that was serving drinks last week at this time? Call me crazy, and some have, but if they make those field goals the ending may have changed. It's a lot easier trying to win needing one point opposed to seven points, but then again that's just me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Packers have the record that they have because all year long these mistakes have been happening way too much for the players to be successful. Admittedly there have been injuries so just like the guys on the field have to play error free to win, the coaches have to be at their best to allow wins to happen. Trust me, the players are accountable for what's happening as well. Ryan Longwell needs to make those field goals. Brett Favre can't throw those interceptions, period. Everyone is to blame. 3-12 is no accident, and if you think it is then YOUR KIDDING YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at, and he will forward it to him.

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