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Fans offer their opinions in wake of 24-17 loss to Bears

Announcers should focus on game
Well, another loss, but a hard fought game to say the least! What frustrated me more than anything wasn't the play of the game, it was the continual talk between the announcers of how they are certain Favre won't return next year. Whether or not Favre returns, shouldn't be an issue while a game is being played. I hope Favre is back. But if not, good luck Favre and good luck Packers.

I do hope that in the offseason we get some acquisitions to solidify the front line, so that whoever is the quarterback has time to develop a pass and complete it. Bear stew would have been nice this Christmas but at least the Pack didn't hand the win to the Bears on a platter, they had to earn it. GO PACK!

Mary,, Lima, Ohio

Packers, Favre can turn it around in 2006,
Here we are, a week from our final game of the season. Won't have to hold our breath and hope someone loses so we can get into the playoffs. Sunday's game had some inspiring moments, but the Packers look like they are ready to put it away for the season, heal, remotivate, rejuvenate, grow and return next season with adjusted attitudes and stronger body and minds. It is not the coaches' fault. It is not the refs' faults. Those that say Brett's done are wrong — he can not carry the game alone — for a bit there Sunday, I thought it was the Favre-Driver show. When the team wins, it is a team effort. When it loses, it is a team effort. When all the new receivers start playing like the game means something, Brett will be comfortable throwing to them. If Brett retires this season, it will be a sad commentary to the legacy he leaves behind. He will quit when he feels he is doing more harm than good. And that doesn't mean throwing interceptions—he looks good, still has an awful lot of zip on the ball and can put that ball in receivers' hands like no other, past, current or future. He deserves to go out on a winning season so I hope he comes back next season to a new team that resembles the Packer team we can all be proud of. Playing for the title is something, but playing to show pride and dignity is just as important. We have had many losing seasons, but pride was still there. Sunday, when we face the Seahawks, I hope the proud Packer Nation rises to salute one last time the best team in the world. GO PACK GO!

Sue Prieve,, FT Carson, CO

General manager to blame for woes,
People have said that Sherman has an ego, but let's be serious, Sherman can be brought back down to Earth but Ted Thompson, a guy who got rid of two Pro Bowl offensive linemen and then quote "Offensive Linemen are a dime a dozen" and we have not one person going to the Pro Bowl. This guy should be roasted on a spicket.

Favre, come on this guy is just as good as he has always been. How can you dominate without an offensive line? Let me throw boulders at you from inside a box. Receivers … these guys are not NFL starting first or second receivers. We need Javon back and pick up a big body like TO or someone who can compliment Donald Driver as our third and slot receiver. Give the Packers a line and receivers and we would win. Running back, well, when was the last time did we do good at that section? Maybe when we had our dime a dozen offensive linemen? The fact is Seattle couldn't win when Ted Thompson was there, he left and now look at em. Mike Holmgren brought in Hasselbeck, all the key players. Ted Thompson, that good for nothing virus, is sucking our team dry just as he did with Seattle. He is belittling our Brett Favre and coach Mike Sherman.

Brett should come back and not be pushed out for the worthless Aaron Rodgers, if this is the case, well, we better go after Matt Leinart cause thoughts of J.P. Losman still haunt me. Let's be real, Brett is six years younger then Rich Gannon who went to the Super Bowl at age 41. There is nothing wrong with Farve. Injuries, cut-rate receivers that are route burners, 8th string running backs, hacked offensive line, and a hopeless third round drafted punter, which is Shermans bad move. But, hey, he takes chances, some work some don't. Brett is the same and cause he doesn't have the supporting cast people are jumping on him when let's not forget all his comebacks, heartaches, and wins he has given us. The Randy Wright years are right around the corner.

Kyle Olson,, Hartland, WI

Ideas that will help My Team
This Game was a prime example! The Bears had ALL their starting players, while My Team's starters were out for the season, except for a few! Congratulations go out to Donald Driver on another 1,000-yard season, but VERY costly mistakes hurt My Team again!!! Which should have been corrected in the first place! We all know what they were! 4 Interceptions, but most of the offensive line breakdowns continue! Ryan Longwell's two missed field goals didn't help as well! Brett did have time to throw the ball somewhat better! The running game was DEAD! Chatman did run 85 Yards for the TD. And Brett's touchdown pass to Mark Tauscher was great, but a cheap holding call by the refs.

As we add all this up, it cost My Team 13 Points! A Packer WIN! but not meant to be, I guess. All the stupid talk about Brett retiring … FORGET IT! It's not going to happen! And if it does I'll eat my words! Unlike these high paying NFL experts won't do! Remember all the big mouths last year? Saying it's Brett's last year? What happened? He came back, did they eat their words? NO! When all the starters come back to full health Brett will go out as a winner something that we all can be Proud of!

For anyone who cared about the Colts and the Seahawks, when the Colts played all there 2nd and 3rd string players they did no better then My Team!

So what does that tell us? It tells me that the rest of the teams are no better as well when they play with their second and third string players. Mike Holmgren did the proper thing by starting their star players! My Team, ALL YEAR, WAS HIT HARD by injuries so who is the blame here? The strength and conditioning coaches should be fired as well! Too many injuries tells the story right there!

There is NO QUESTION one way or another that coaches should be replaced, along with Ted Thompson. Jim Bates should stay were he belongs. My Team need an offensive coach. One thought would be Jerry Kramer. Why? Read his books and you will find out why! I hope that Jerry will accept the job! Steve Mariucci as Head Coach. Why not? This man has worked with Mike Holmgren and knows full well of the West Coast Offense!

And now the big question - Brett Favre! Yes, he should stay on. He still has an arm and can roll out with the best of them, plus scramble as well! My Team has gone away with the West Coast Offense. Yes, even Brett! Samkon Gado should stay on as well along with Ahman Green as running backs! As I sit here and think what a force those two can be, along with Donald Driver and Javon Walker.

On defense, Grady Jackson should stay, there is no problem there stuffing the run! Cornerbacks and strong safeties is another matter! Al Harris should stay.

The draft I sure hope that they go after star players! Enough about the salary cap. That can be worked out, it has in the past and it will again! My Team needs Players, not fly by nights. And learn the system over and over again!! I'm talking about the West Coast Offense! There is an old saying, ‘If it's not broke, don't fix it.' I hope this helps, there are some good ideas here I think! If My Team needs my help I'm here.

Tom,, Hendersonville, N.C.

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