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Fans sound off on Thompson's decision to fire Sherman

Thompson made poor decision
Dear Packer Report,
Firing Mike Sherman was the most idiotic decision that a GM could have made. Where are we going to find a better coach than Sherman? One bad season does not warrant a firing, especially considering injuries the team endured. I don't need to remind you of the success of Sherman's time in Green Bay. It likely would give #4 one more reason to leave this year if he must adjust to a new scheme or a new coach. Is Thompson's goal to rush Favre out the door? Certainly, it's clear that Aaron Rogers is not ready to take the helm next year. The best chance at a Championship is to stick with Favre (and Sherman). And who would want to stop seeing Favre play before his time has come? Not this Packer fan. I'll tell you what would be even more idiotic than firing Sherman, and that would be hiring a proven head coaching failure like Steve Mariucci. If we lose Favre due to Sherman's departure, and maybe even if we don't, the organization will get two things 1) a plummet in attendance and veiwers and 2) a call for the firing of Ted Thompson. You've already got my vote for number two.

Mike Sandbothe,, Kansas City, MO

Thompson takes big step in right direction
Finally! Thank God! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Bye, Bye Sherman, Goodbye! I hope that Rossley and a few others get the boot too!! You can all help pack each other's bags, and then share a cab ride to the airport! Don't let the door hitcha where the Good Lord splitcha!

In the words of Ol' Blue Eyes:" Start spreadin'' the news"! Speaking of blue eyes, the more I think of it, the more I like the idea of Mooch in the mix. Head Coach ... maybe. I like Mooch, but I am not sure that he is tough enough to handle 53 alpha males. But I think that he would be a good fit in some capacity on the Packers coaching staff. This team has been needing a swift kick and a changing of the guard for the past 2-3 years now, and FINALLY it is happening.

In the words of Jimmy Cliff, "I can see clearly now, Sherman has gone." Let's be sure about this: Firing Sherman is not a cure all by any stretch, but it is a big step in the right direction. A BIG step.

For anyone who doubts that he deserved to be fired, just check out his post-game comments on Sunday that were posted on Here are two gems: "Things that you don't have control over, you don't worry about." Oh ya? News Flash! Earth to Sherman! You DO have control over your job if you are doing it RIGHT! Very few coaches get fired for doing good work. There ARE exceptions, but buddy, you ain't one of 'em!

The other comment was regarding Favre coming back next season. "I haven't spoken to Brett about that yet. I'll probably go down to Mississippi in a month or so, and take a ride on his tractor, and talk about it." Earth to Sherman. No need to book that flight for your little tractor ride, Bubby. That bird done flew the coop!

Oh Man, I am happy, happy, happy right now!!! Fellow Packer fans, UNITE in this glorious change of events. The New Year has already blessed us with great tidings of joy and hope for the future. Why it took six frickin' years is beyond me. The easy part is over, now comes the real work for this Thompson fella. Here is some great advice, Ted ol' buddy: Hire a no B.S. coach with a personality that relates well with players. Instead of a pushover coach with zero personality like Sherman. There has GOT to be an individual out there that fits this criteria. It's Thompson's job to find that person. If he can't, then get rid of him and hire some one who can. It's that simple. This organization is at the proverbial crossroads. If it makes the right decisions at this point in time, then success will follow. Make the wrong moves now, and failure is almost a foregone conclusion. Football is a business, and like any other business, success is formulated from the top down. Every business needs a fresh start from time to time, and finally, a fresh start is here for the Green Bay Packers!

Rejuvenated Packer fan!

Gary Allen,, Sunnyvale, CA

Coach deserved another season,
My husband and I both agreed Mike Sherman deserved one more year. The team was the walking wounded and it just never stopped. A friend of mine said she thought Sherman lacked emotion and she thought he didn't care. We met him several times over the last 4 years and he cared a lot! One night during camp we got his autograph and it was 10:15 at night! Another day he signed autographs after practice for well over an hour and it was close to 100 degrees. We think Thompson should have made strong recommendations as to who needed to be replaced with this 1 year reprieve.

But maybe from talking with Sherman Ted sensed that Sherman wasn't open to making the needed changes. I really think Brett knew ... he might not have been told, but he knew. Sherman was all over the field during Training Camp involved in everything. He did a lot more than Ray Rhodes whose only specialty was chewing gum. Harry Sydney does make some great points. I just hope Thompson's decision is the right one. We heard rumors already last summer that Bates was the heir apparent.

Ingrid Adams,, Jefferson, WI

Expectations for 2006 head south
Nuts! I just saw the announcement that Mike Sherman was fired. We won't find a better man to be head coach, and my expectations for next season just took a step back. If Sherman had come back and our team could have stayed healthy, I would have been expecting 12 and 4. Maybe we can bring in Mike Tice, have our own love boat scenario (with the GM involved!) on Lake Michigan, and go 7 and 9. I am NOT happy.

Mike Poplawski,, Colorado Springs, CO

Favre will come back for 2006 season
Dear Todd,
I don't see Brett leaving just yet. He has 2 or 3 more years and despite what Ted Thompson says, he will be the key on hiring a new head coach! I expressed My Feelings to you who I thought it would be we shall see! I sure hope that Ted Thompson doesn't make any stupid mistakes for My Team! And I hope we do get players like a Brett Favre! That doesn't happen anymore! But in order to play for the Green Bay Packers it should be! Aaron Rodgers must learn this!!!!!!!

Tom Fast,, Hendersonville, N.C.

Sherman was a few players away,
Well the end of a very long season for the Packers. But the bright moment is we won our last game and remember the last time we went 4-12 and we won the last game of the season. We never had a losing season since until this year. There is no where to go but up now.

Mike Sherman relieved is a shock to me. He was a solid coach and with a few more players he could've had his Super Bowl title. Now with Brett Favre on his decision, I hate to see him go and, if he doesn't retire, I am definitely coming up to Lambeau to see him play in more than likely his last year. And I know he says he will probably retire if Sherman is gone but I am keeping positive. If he plays one more year that can only help us but on the other hand we have a talented young quarterback who has got to learn from one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game for a season and that can only help us. Aaron Rodgers looked pretty calm against Baltimore even though it was junk time and we were getting blown out. He looked humble and ready to go in and make some plays and not trying to be a cocky young gun to show the world that he's the man to replace The Man. Plus, I don't want Favre to retire because that will make me feel old. I was a freshman in high school when I saw his first start and I am 27 now.

Jason,, Boston, MA

Quick move is a good thing
Mr. Korth,
I am not sure if it was exactly the right thing to do, but if it is the direction the Packers are going in, if that is changing, then I am glad it happened this quickly. Coach Sherman had a lot of trouble managing the time clock this season - that was a concern that I believe literally cost us at least three games. We can't be playing backup and planning on No. 4 making a game-winning drive every game, but look how many times that was the situation we were in, and partially because when down by 2 scores we took too much time. That NEVER changed throughout the season. And while I do appreciate that Sherman did keep the team together through this tough and difficult time, they did not have the spark of a championship team. Lambeau has lost some of its mystique; the ownership of Lambeau is not what it was years ago. I believe that a coach should be held accountable for that. I also think that our offensive play-calling is stale, and Mr. Rossley needs to be held accountable for that, if Sherman was fired I believe Mr. Rossley needs to be a part of change in direction as well.

I do think Mr. Thompson needs to think of the players and keep them informed of this type of situation more than just hours before it happens and they are thrown to the press. And this change of coach will directly affect Favre, who I pray does stay one more season, but he should have been informed of this decision rather than surprised like everyone else.

Coach Sherman, I wish you the best and thank you for your devotion to the Green Bay Packers. I hope I am not alone thinking that our Packers are more than just a team and a business, it is a bond deeper than that and you are lucky to have been in such a role. I hope Mr. Thompson finds the right person to motivate and bring our team back to the greatness we enjoyed the in the past. It will be a very interesting and important off season. Please start by signing Aaron Kampman.

Jason Eckes,, Middleton, WI

One more year!
I know that Favre cannot possibly be done yet! He's got so much game left in him. I do hope the analysts are all WRONG!! I know he has to think of his family, and I do appreciate that, but Favre - your fans are not ready to see you leave the game yet. Give us ONE MORE YEAR!

If not, thanks for the many, many wonderful memories. Watching the "best of Favre" on ESPN Sunday always makes me laugh and remember the various games, win or lose. Good luck in whatever decision you make!

Mary Trinko,, Lima, OH

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