Mike's Remarks II

More quotes from former Packers coach Mike Sherman

Former Packers coach Mike Sherman answered a number of questions Wednesday during his farewell press conference. Here are more excerpts from Sherman taken from the press conference:

On the reasons for his firing:
"There is no specific reason. I asked him for that, but Ted (Thompson) just felt there was a need, at this time, to make a change. I asked him if it had anything to do with coaching, and he said, ‘no.'"

On if it was a fair decision:
"I never came into this business thinking anything was fair. I don't know fair is always an option in this business. It is what it is. You deal with what has been given to you and you go forward and you accept the challenge."

On what exactly he feels the problem was:
"I think Ted came into a difficult situation. When Ted came here, we were tied for fourth with Coach Belichick in the regular season for the amount of wins in that span of time. We won football games. That was never an issue with Ted, ever. I'm sure Ted felt at times with me having been the general manager, and I'm certainly not the guy that he chose, that sometimes you just need your own guy. Maybe that's the situation that happened here. He never shared that with me."

On if he sensed he was coaching his last game on Sunday:
"I was surprised on Monday morning for the most part. When you only win four games, there is always that doubt out there."

On if he was surprised after receiving a two-year extension that he was fired:
"I asked that question to Ted and he graciously said that I deserved it. Before I signed that contract, I also said that ‘I don't need to sign this unless you feel strongly about me and believe in me. We can go get this thing together.' That's the way I felt about it at that time."

On if he thought he would be here for the full contract:
"Yes, I did."

On how hard the firing was on his family:
"It's a lot harder on the family than it is the coach, to be honest with you because coaches are fairly resilient. We've been through this. We understand the process. We see it happen a lot. We don't like it to happen, mainly because of your family. But I think the wives suffer the most because they're the ones that have to start over again with friends. And my kids are very resilient. But I think it's hardest on coaches' wives, because they have to put it all together again."

On whether he has talked to Brett Favre since Monday:
"I haven't talked to Brett as of yet, but I will. I told him that I would be down there. I told him before he left … to get the two-seated tractor out and we'll go drive around his property and let me see what he does in his off time."

On if he will coach again:
"I'm going to take some time to think about it. My family has given me an awful lot and has made a lot of sacrifices to me. I'm going to think about it. I don't think that will be the case."

On if Ted Thompson gave him enough talent to work with this season:
"While I'm somewhat critical of the observations that are made … you make decisions based on what is available to you. Sometimes what is available to you is not all that great sometimes. The options you have is what you have to decide on."

On if he will pursue any jobs at the college level:
"I haven't thought about that yet. I've been so focused on this job and being head coach of the Green Bay Packers, and winning, that I haven't thought about other options."

On the playoff loss to Philadelphia on Jan. 11, 2004:
"I would be telling you a mistruth if I said that never bothered me. That has bothered me a lot, but I don't regret how I prepared for that ballgame. I prepared for that ballgame as hard as I've ever prepared for a game in my life."

On if he is disappointed that he won't be back, especially since Thompson's decision is not about the 4-12 record this season:
"I'm disappointed by that. I couldn't wait to get to work. This week was going to be me studying why we didn't get score in the red zone, or why we didn't make it in the red zone, looking at that and looking at other teams and getting ready for next season. We would have started free agency evaluation next week. I'm disappointed."

On standing ovation he received from players Monday morning prior to addressing the team one last time:
"It was a moment I'll never forget the rest of my life. Very special. In this day and age in the National Football League, that was a very special moment for me. It was probably one of the most special in my professional life.

"It was a pretty emotional time for me, and I told them I was proud of them. I told them they had nothing to be ashamed of in regard to what I asked them to do. I cautioned them to be honest, to be accountable and to be the best they could be in their careers. Not just as football players, but as men and as husbands and as fathers."

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