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Fans remarks on Ted Thompson's decision to fire Mike Sherman

Thompson made the wrong move
I've followed the Packers as long as I can remember watching football. I know I was in diapers, and during these years, we've had some ‘odd' moments for the lack of a better term, but never have I seen us remove a coach (Sherman) because of one bad year, in which we lost two Pro Bowl guards, Pro Bowl WR, Pro Bowl RB, Pro Bowl S, and numerous backups. How can Sherman be held accountable for this season, when he is working with the bottom of the barrel and other teams released practice team members? This is awful, and I think Mr. Thompson is taking steps toward running this franchise into the ground. Next thing you know he is going to bring in Mooch to be the head coach. What has he done? Thompson is already saying that signing free agents is ‘dangerous waters.' Is this guy an idiot? Favre might as well step down, because this moron isn't going to give him anything to play with. Let's not forget about all the players that are free agents now this year - Green, Davenport, Jackson, Kampman to name a few. I'm truly saddened by all of this.
QB – Rodgers
RB – Gado
FB – Leach
WR – Walker
WR – Driver
TE – Martin
T – Tauscher
T – Clifton
G – Wells
G – Whittiker
C – Flanagan (maybe)
This team will not put up many points.

Nick Macaluso, nicholas.macaluso@eaglegl.com, Tucson, AZ

Sherman deserved another year
I think Sherman should have been given at least one more year. The real problem was Ted Thompson himself. If he would have taken care of contracts for Rivera, Wahl, and Sharper, the result of the season would have been much different. I think he made several wrong personnel decisions that created the fine line for loss that the Packers had this season. Sherman did the best that can be humanly expected with what he had to work with. The real firing should have been to get rid of Thompson!

David L. Rouch, D-rouch@onu.edu, Ada, Ohio

Good move by Thompson
This is the best move that the Packers have made in quite some time. Sherman has done nothing but hurt the Packers for years. Look at his draft history, look at his free agent signings, look at who he gave all of the Packers money to. It disgusts me. Joe Johnson, Jamal Reynolds, Cletidus Hunt, Joey Thomas, Ahmad Carroll, BJ Sander (Third Round pick on a punter, and a bad one at that)and even KGB. I think that it is safe to say that all of those players have been a major disappointment. It's obvious that Sherman has a terrible eye for talent. How much would we all like to have Hunter Hillenmeyer playing alongside Barnett and Diggs right now, or Chris Gamble instead of Carroll starting at CB. Of course hindsight is 20/20, but this is his job, and he failed. Miserably.

Everyone says that with a few more players he would have done more, I disagree. He's proven that he attracts mediocre talent, and a few more mediocre players would not have made a difference. I haven't seen the Pack look this flat, unprepared, penalized and overmatched since the late 80's. All signs of bad coaching. It's my belief that Sherman has always been a bad coach who was saved by great teams, now that he doesn't have all the talent, his true colors are shining through.

Ryan Dietman, rdietman1027@yahoo.com, Kenosha, WI

Open letter to Bob Harlan
Dear Bob:
During the past 39 years my four friends and I have been true Packer fans. A long time ago I called you and you had the courtesy to respond. We would like to give your our take on the firing of Mike Sherman.

It takes a great deal of time to become a GOOD Manager in any area of business. Just being a personnel man is not enough you must have the character that is necessary to be understanding and be capable of making decisions. Having said that we would like to give you our evaluation of Ted Thompson.

The first sign of trouble for the franchise was when Ted did nothing to retain Mike Wahle or Marco Rivera or Darren Sharper. When you remove the two main guards on the offensive line you create a major problem in the blocking. Who did Ted replace them with? Adrian Klemm (who when he was drafted Mel Kipper said that he is a "tackle" nothing more) and a "seventh" round draft pick by the name of Whitticker. Our grade for those two moves - F. You cannot replace one third of the offensive line and expect things to move forward. Next move was when Javon Walker went down who did Ted bring in to try and shore the team up? To our understanding nobody was even considered. Grade for that move – F. As injuries started to mount Mike Sherman kept the heart and strength of the team in tact. What did Ted do to help? In our estimation nothing. Grade - F. I am sure that you can already see that three F's means failure. Bob we are not physics, but we feel that over the years as the Packers have tried to move forward there have been mistakes made and only you can determine if Ted Thompson is the right man for the GM job. The first draft he was involved with in our estimation was fair. Why draft a player who will sit on the bench all year? What a waste of money. The former general manager of the New Orleans Saints even made that statement on the show during the draft.

In our estimation it is now, Ted Thompson, who is on the "HOT" seat. If his next draft is only fair then you need to really evalueate TED. Ron Wolf was quoted as saying that he was suprised by the move. I am sure that statement will scare TED. If he was so well regarded then why was he not approached earlier in his career?

We heard he wants to interview Jim Fassel. Wrong move Ted. You are going to need a coach that can rebuild a team and Jim Fassel is not the coach. I believe Kirk Ferentz would be a good choice but I am not sure he wants to move to the pro football side of the business. As for Brad Childress we do not believe he did a good job at Wisconsin. Whoever Ted brings in that coach will be under tremendous stress to improve upon the wins and losses. If he does not the chair gets "HOTTER" for Ted.

Ted's comment in the paper this morning is that he feels he does not need to discuss the moves he makes with Brett Favre. Wrong move again Ted, the man has been the franchise player for the Green Bay Packers for over ten years. Courtesy indicates you need to discuss your plans with him. Bob a good operating company is one that you try and involve everyone in the day to day operations. This will help in a smooth operating and profitable business.

Ted's made his move and I am sure that Mike Sherman's phone is already ringing in his home based on the vacancies in the coaching ranks. We agree that Mike was not a good GM, but a tremendous coach and we wish to thank him for the years he kept the Green Bay Packers at the top of the North Division in the NFL.

Respectfully for the football four,
Tom Schroeder, tjsnb63@yahoo.com, New Berlin, WI

Sherman simply didn't get it done
I think it is too bad that Sherman was let go. He is an honorable person who expected those around him to act the same way. People seem better for knowing him. With that said and personal feelings removed, I think it was a good idea to let him go. He was not that great of a GM and the Packers not being able to keep main players come from Sherman as a GM. Blunders like signing players long term who haven't produced took $ from those who could. From a logical perspective, there had to be some stress between Thompson and Sherman just because one just took the others job and the stress needed to be resolved.

Finally, although Sherman was a good coach, he was given a team that was able to win. If he just "coasted" they could have won games over the last few years. The problem was that the team never seemed to get "up" for big games and that is the coaches' responsibility. People shouldn't judge Thompson after one year and those saying he should be let go after one year is just ridiculous.

Matthew Struble, matthew.struble@sbcglobal.net, Naperville, IL

Packers fans suddenly are fickle
Dear Editor,
I must say, after reading this publication for years, and since it is made in the town of Sun Prairie, where I was raised, I am shocked at how the tides have changed with the so called "Packer Faithful". This year the Pack has fallen on the injury bug. Something that every NFL team must face every so often. Unfortunately, this was our year. Is it Sherman's coaching? Is it really true we took a quarterback in the first round last year? What happened to Craig Nall? Did I miss something?

Each week people trash the Packers play, the decisions, the old Favre as "our" QB. Nall was fit to take the helm when Brett Favre retired because he knows the system and is really a good QB, when he gets to play. The organization has sunk a lot of time into him. Why would they not pick a defensive player who would help us out on a side of the ball that needs it? Now we sit with a top 5 pick in this year's draft, and a lot of options to deal with. If we took a defensive player last year, we could have gotten Leinart from USC or RB Williams from Memphis to replace Ahman. Keep what we have that has produced, and is young. Javon, Franks, Harris, Kampman.

I truly believe once the "die hards" realize that we let Sherman go like they wanted, which in turn means that Favre will go too, which is what I have heard some people want! They will all see how it feels to be a fan of a rebuilding team. And that my friends, scares the heck out of me. Pressure is unimaginable as a coach, and unfortunately we put some unwanted and un-needed pressure on the front office to fire Sherman. Remember, the front office picked Rodgers, not Sherman. Shame on those that did, because now we can all remember back to what it was like to be a fan from the 1970's and 1980's.

Ty H. Mather, themather5@msn.com, Colorado Springs, CO

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