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Panel of pundits predict Super Bowl XL winner

Tom Andrews, Correspondent
Packers season prediction record: 10-6
Seahawks 34, Colts 30
Comment: Peyton Manning and Co. have truly completed a marvelous season, scoring with amazing efficiency and stifling opponents with a solid defense. This team also had to weather the tragic death of Coach Tony Dungy's son which may provide them with an emotional edge in the playoffs. However, I can't escape the feeling that Mike Holmgren has finally accomplished what he set out to do when he joined the Seahawks. Seattle "quietly" won 11 games in a row, if that's possible. He's got Matt Hasselbeck playing quarterback wisely and efficiently. He's got the tremendous running of Shaun Alexander. He's got a solid defense and excellent special teams. As much as I love Tony Dungy, I still believe Holmgren is a better tactical head coach and that's why I believe the Seahawks will win.

Steve Lawrence, Correspondent
Packers season prediction record: 9-7
Colts 35, Redskins 13
Comment: The easy pick is Indy vs. Seattle, so I'll go out on a limb. The Redskins beat Chicago (Week 1), Seattle (Week 4) and the Giants (Week 16), so they have a track record against fellow NFC playoff teams. That won't be good enough against the Colts, who will play in the great indoors in Detroit for Super Bowl XL.

Matt Tevsh, Correspondent
Packers season prediction record: 9-7
Colts 31, Bears 14
Comment: Twenty years later, the Super Bowl shuffle is resurrected, but without a victory in the big game. The Bears will do well just to make it to the Super Bowl and their exciting defense will take them there. The Colts, however, are on a mission. They set out to get home-field advantage this season and did. With the Super Bowl in a dome, this post-season is theirs for the taking.

Harry Sydney, Correspondent
Packers season prediction record: 8-8
Colts 31, Seahawks 17
Comment: This year's Super Bowl teams will be Colts vs Seahawks with the Colts winning. I think it's just the Colts' turn and they have home-field advantage and their defense has improved. Peyton will finally get the monkey off his back!!!!!!!

Doug Ritchay, Correspondent
Packers season prediction record: 8-8
Colts 38, Seahawks 28
Comment: The Colts have been the story all season with a 13-game winning streak and the death of Tony Dungy's son. Colts players will go the extra mile to make sure their coach ends an up-and-down season with a smile on his face. As for Mike Holmgren, he won't have to worry about letting the Colts score for one last chance like he did in Super Bowl XXXII against Denver. The Colts will score enough on their own to make sure Holmgren loses his second Super Bowl in three tries.

Todd Korth, Managing Editor
Packers season prediction record: 8-8
Bears 20, Colts 17
Comment: I've been impressed with the Bears' defense since training camp. I think it will eventually help them win it all in a boring Super Bowl game in Motown.

John Lombardi, Correspondent
Packers season prediction record: 6-10
Patriots 24, Seahawks 21
Comment: They are the defending champs and until someone beats them, I am going with them.

Bob Fox, Correspondent
Packers season prediction record: 4-12
Seahawks 34, Colts 31
Comment: Both teams have home field advantage in their respective conferences. Both teams also have a very balanced attack and have dangerous defenses. The game will probably come down to the last possession and could go either way. With a win, Mike Holmgren will garner his second Lombardi trophy and also improve his lofty status as a head coach. The Colts will want to win badly for head coach Tony Dungy, but my gut says this time a NFC team wins it all.

Laura Veras Marran, Correspondent
Packers season prediction record: 4-12
Colts 31, Seahawks 21
Comment: Although a defense such as Chicago's may win championships, so does Mike Holmgren. He's been engineering Seattle's drive to the Super Bowl since 1999. Once the Seahawks get there, however, they'll face a superior opponent no matter which team takes the crown in the talent-laden AFC. The Colts have been the best team in the best conference all year, and now they will survive tough times and prevail as champions.

Mark A. Wallenfang, Photographer
Packers season prediction record: 4-12
Colts 41, Seahawks 31

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