Sydney Speaks! Grading the offense

Former fullback and assistant coach Harry Sydney hands out grades for this past season to each of the players on offense for the Packers. As usual, Sydney doesn't hold anything back in his assessment of each player. Who passed? Who failed? Read on!

The season is over and even though the Packers are looking for a new head coach the players are still being evaluated for their performance this past dreadful year. Just like Mike Sherman, even though they might say the firing wasn't based on the 4-12 record, it didn't help his cause, either.

The coaches have already been graded. Jim Bates and the defense all got passing grades. Bates, in my opinion, gets an A-plus, but let's talk about the players on offense, position by position:

Brett Favre: He played like a rookie and cost the Packers. He hurt them more than he helped. Throwing 29 interceptions is inexcusable and his passing ratings was 31st in the league. True, because of his supporting cast he felt more pressure to make things happen but never realized that this team wasn't going to be able to rise above his mistakes even though the defense did a good job of bending but not breaking. Grade: D-

Aaron Rodgers: He didn't play enough to be graded because I believe in the Raven's game he was put in a situation that was set up for him to fail because the Ravens new he was going to throw so they blitzed like crazy. And against the Saints all he did was hand the ball off. Grade: Inc

Craig Nall: Never saw the field. Grade: Inc

Running Backs
Ahman Green: He's at the age where age becomes a question mark. We don't know whether he was slowed by age or just a bad offensive line at the time. But he didn't seem to have been running with the explosiveness that we were accustomed to seeing from him. Grade: C-

Najeh Davenport: He didn't run with the power that he should have for a big man, and he took too many hits and couldn't stay healthy. Grade: D-

Samkon Gado: He's a very good backup that filled in as a starter and did a very good job. He runs hard with power and will run better when he gains confidence that he can run and not fumble. Once he realized that he could play at this level he played more relaxed. Grade: B+

Tony Fisher: He's a third-down back that does a good job on screens and draws, and pass pick-up when it comes to blitzes. He is what he is. Grade: C

Noah Herron: Just a guy that tried to take advantage of an opportunity. Grade: D+

William Henderson: He's the best fullback on the Packers roster and maybe the best they have ever had. He just keeps making plays, also he's a special teams playmaker at age 34, which I find incredible. Grade: B+

Vonta Leach: He is the fullback of the future, but struggles catching the ball. He's just a blocker now. Grade: C

Donald Driver: He had the best season of his life. He was doubled almost all season and still put up great numbers. He elevated his game. It's between himself and Aaron Kampman on who would be the team MVP. Grade: A+

Robert Ferguson: He had an opportunity to make a statement this year, but he choked and didn't get it done. He's overpaid and can't stay healthy. Grade: F

Antonio Chatman: He's a guy that wouldn't be a receiver on most teams but does find a a way to get open, and for that, I must give him credit. Grade: D+

Andrae Thurman: He's a coach killer. He looks good and does everything well until the game starts, then he disappears. Grade: D-

Rod Gardner: Looks like he has a world of potential and the real deal, but the flag goes up because their has to be a story behind why he was available and traded from Washington and released by Carolina. Grade: Inc

Javon Walker: Hope he returns healthy and doesn't rush himself. Grade: Inc

Terrence Murphy: Hope he will be able to play in the future. Grade: Inc

Tight Ends
Bubba Franks: He was the victim of the hold-out jinx. Usually for some reason when you hold out you get hurt. He was missed. Grade: C

David Martin: He and Ferguson must hang out together because you can't count on either one of them. Grade: D-

Donald Lee: Needs to be more consistent but was the most reliable and healthy tight end all year. Grade: C

Tory Humphrey: A warm body. Grade: Inc

Offensive Line
Chad Clifton: He's one of the best tackles in the game, especially when he doesn't false start. He beats himself more than anyone else with stupid penalties. Grade: B+

Scott Wells: This guy has the potential to not only play guard but center as well. He brings a toughness to the offensive line. Penalties hurt him. Grade: C-

Mike Flanagan: He was the leader of the line. Hope they will sign him back. He just knows how to play the game but he doesn't play as physical as I would like him to. Grade:C

Will Whitticker: Not only was he a rookie but a seventh rounder at that. He made a lot of mistakes but he learned a lot as well, which will either make him or break him. He will only get better in time. Grade: D

Mark Tauscher: He and Clifton are the bookends for the future, and Mark had an outstanding season regardless of the record. He is solid. Grade: B

Adrian Klemm: He was simply a bust. Grade: F

Grey Ruegamer: He's a solid backup that can fill in to start in a pinch. Grade: D

Kevin Barry: He did his job which was block linebackers usually. He is what he is, which is a backup apparently because he never got a chance to play guard with all the guard problems. Grade: D

Junius Coston: He's a project. Grade: Inc

Chris White: Who? Grade: Inc

These are the grades as I see it and my grading scale is that anything above a C means that they are solid players in the NFL. Grades from C- to D's means they are average and might play on a weak team, and anything below that means that they are replaceable and just not good enough!!!!!!!!!!

Friday: Grades for the defense, unless the Packers hire a new coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at, and he will forward it to him.

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