Count on Favre returning

McCarthy may be just what the doctor ordered for veteran QB

If Brett Favre is undecided on whether to return to play football for another season, general manager Ted Thompson's decision to offer Mike McCarthy the Packers' head coaching position probably made Favre's decision much easier.

Favre is far from through with his NFL career. Even though he mentioned last November that he may not return to play in 2006 if Mike Sherman were not the head coach, he will change his mind. Count on it. With McCarthy, Favre gets a head coach that he is familiar with and also an excellent football mind that utilizes the West Coast offense.

Why wouldn't Favre return? This could be just like old times, when the quarterback threw 30 or more touchdowns in a season with far fewer interceptions than he wound up with this year.

Thompson has said that he wants Favre to return and play for the Packers in 2006. He reinforced his words by hiring an offensive-minded coach that should be able to tune up Green Bay's offense. The Packers had the 18th ranked offense in the National Football League last season, down from fifth in 2004.

If a number of star players at skill positions are able to get back to form, like wide receiver Javon Walker, running back Ahman Green and tight end Bubba Franks, there is no reason to think that McCarthy won't be able to help the Packers score more points. With Favre back in the fold, the Packers should be able to do that.

Favre's agent James "Bus" Cook recently indicated to a Milwaukee radio station that his famed client wants to play another year. If Favre was waiting to see who is going to succeed Sherman, he should be happy to know that it's one of his former quarterback coaches. It's not Steve Mariucci or Andy Reid, but the next best thing - Mike McCarthy. That should be more than enough to persuade Favre to return and help erase a forgettable 2005 season.

Todd Korth

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