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Why not keep Sherman?
In my opinion if your going to hire McCarthy why not keep Sherman? My second pick would have been Mooch, but if your not going to go with either of them I guess I'd go with McCarthy. Of course I am someone who wants Brett to play forever, so this is what I'm going by. If Brett was retired, I wouldn't have gone with him.

Ben,, Marshfield, WI

Good choice, but keep Bates!
My reaction came as somewhat of a surprise, only because I thought GM Ted Thompson was going to hire Defensive Coordinator Jim Bates as the Packers next Head Coach. I do however have to say I am glad he hired McCarthy because he is offensive minded and does run the West Coast offense. It gives Favre a little familiarity and chance of returning to Greenbay for one last season where they are sure to place better than this years dismal record.

I am not at all disappointed with this decision, but I am however a little uneasy with the defensive coordinator position seeing how Bates will probably pursue a different head coaching job. I loved Jim as the Def. Co. and it will stink if the Pack has to have another coordinator this year!

James Poore,, Marinette WI

Surprised by Thompson's decision,
Known in my town as THE Packer fan. I am surprised by the hiring of McCarthy. Thompson is getting pauid big bucks to make these decisions and we have to see how it pans out. I know when Holmgren and then Sherman were hired everyone said, ‘Who the heck are these guys?' I did, especially with Sherman.

As fans we were rooting for Bates but again Thompson should know much more than us. Whatever happens the play calling has to be better it couldnt be much worse. With the last place schedule some good draft picks and a key free agent the Pack will be right in the hunt for the division next year.

Gino Lucia,, Windsor CT

Three good reasons why McCarthy makes sense
Hiring McCarthy makes sense in that:

1.His experience with quarterbacks will:
a. Help Favre's chances of sticking around another year or two
b. Help Rodgers develop
2. The fact that he is an OC means that the chances of Bates sticking around, while unfortunately small, are higher.
3. Come on, his offensive scheme has to be better than Rossley's.

Jamie Gladfelter,, Galesburg, IL

Concerned over Thompson's decision
Fellow Fans:
The off-season changes continue, and to be truthful, I am starting to worry more than I anticipated. Hiring Mr. McCarthy may turn out alright, but to do so at the risk of losing Jim Bates is frankly scaring the heck out of me. Mr. Bates has done an unbelievable job with our defense, creating and motivating quality players out of a group that was considered "less talented" than most defenses last year. He has PROVEN in one year that he is an accomplished motivator, and that he knows how to run a defense. And honestly, we NEED him. For Mr. Thompson to interview him and then turn to a man who I do not know much about, to fire Mike Sherman, with his overall record, and hire someone who was in charge of the "explosive" 49ers offense, this worries me. I do not understand Mr. Thompson's approach to next season, but I am scared. To hire someone that is a quarterback developer, does this foreshadow the departure of Favre? What has Mr. McCarthy done that makes him more qualified than Jim Bates or even Mike Sherman? I don't see what Mr. Thompson is looking at I guess. I do hope that Mr. Thompson is on a short leash with his "plan" for the Pack. I will be at every game I can find tickets for, and religiously watch the rest no matter what our record is. But I want the Lambeau tradition of victory to return- for other teams to fear playing here and players that want to be here. Is that what Mr. Thompson and Mr. McCarthy are going to create? If not, then we are making a mistake. Time will tell. Mr. Bates, please stay! You are appreciated more than you know.

Jason Eckes,, Middleton, WI Let's put our trust in Ted on this one
I'm with you on this one. I am as surprised as you over this guy getting the nod. I only hope that Thompson knows a lot more about this guy than you, me, and the rest of the world does.

Come to think of it, not many people ever heard of Sherman before he got hired either, did they? I still feel strongly that it is way past time for Sherman to exit stage left, but I do question the timing of this move.

I live in the Bay Area, so every time I read the sports page or listen to the local sports report, I am hammered with 49er and Raider info.

To McCarthy's credit, he was offensive coordinator on a young, inexperienced, and injury prone team this year. To his discredit, the 49er offense was the WORST offense that I have EVER seen the 49ers have! That's all the inside info that I have except that the 49er coach (Mike Nolan) raves about this guy, and the local news does not. (for obvious reasons, I suppose). Also noted though is that the 49er offensive players say that he is a proven leader and very creative in his offensive game plans. Plus he was QB coach for the Packers back in "99, so he is familiar with the front office, fans, Favre, etc.

Who knows? Time will only tell if this was a good or bad move on Thompson's part. I hope that he didn't jump the gun on this one by hiring someone too quickly. This McCarthy dude best realize that he will have to produce sooner rather than later.

The Packers have had enough talent on their teams for the past 4 or 5 years to at least get to the Super Bowl once, maybe twice. They still have talent on this team. With the injured fully recovered and a very good draft, the team can be competitive once again. The key will be Coaching, and hope that Coach McCarthy is up to the challenge.

Gary Allen,, Sunnyvale, Ca.

Bewildered by TT's decision,
Yeah, I guess we would want the man that orchestrated the 32nd ranked offense in the league as head coach?!?! What the hell is going on up in GB!!! I'm thinking the Packers would want a coach from a winning organization, that's what I assume to be the logical decision. They have a perfect candidate among their coaches in Jim Bates, I just don't understand the reasoning behind this choice, can you help me to see it????

Chad Krueger,, Dazed and confused in AZ

McCarthy hiring a joke!,
Oh boy. I was happy that the season was over but the nightmare continues. Ted had a chance to make himself look good with a hire like Jim Bates or Steve Mariucci. I'm having that same feeling I had when they brought in Ray Rhodes. I can see by all the other letters I'm not alone on how I feel.

I live in Tampa Florida and I'm already getting razzed by Buc fans about this joke hire. So let's see? He fires a coach that goes 4-12 for one from SF that went what last year? 2-14! And we all know how New Orleans has been doing. Ted Thompson is responsibly for the loss of Marco Rivera and Chad Clifton. Giving Mike Sherman a contract extension and then firing him. (The Pack still has to pay him for two more years). That alone warrants to firing Ted after one year. I'm fuming. Now the biggest bright spot from last year, Jim Bates, is about to leave.

These Packer Stocks are a joke because nobody is hearing the fan input. I hope I'm wrong and I'm writting a letter next year at this time saying I had my doubts last year butttttt. Still, GO TED THOMPSON GO! I mean GO PACK GO!

Rick Pluta Tampa,, Tampa, FL

Great decision by Thompson
I believe the decision to hire McCarthy as the new head coach is a great one. The previous experience he has in being in the Packer organization is a plus and it will only help in bringing the Lombardi Trophy back where it belongs.

Ron Harlan,, Pekin, IL

Confused over Thompson's decision
Hello all,
Well we have a new leader, to be honest I'm excited and disappointed about the move. I'm disappointed in the fact that Jim Bates didn't get this job because it says something when the locker room is rooting for you to get the job. The players we're behind him and that's hard to find. On the other hand in comes Mike McCarthy, and people might be saying "who is this guy". Well he is I think exactly what we need, blue collar - no nonsense type of coach. Let's look at the facts, from 2000 to 2004 as Saints coordinator he developed players that are now house hold names. The Saints were in the top 13 in offense in each one the years he was there, he had 2 running backs go over 1000 yards in each one of those years (Ricky Williams and Deuce McCallister). Joe Horn exploded under McCarthy going to 4 Pro Bowls, they were a very dangerous offensive team with absolutely no defense. The first thing that this coach must do is to retain Jim Bates, he is under contract for 2 years and if he returns the Packers could be dangerous. What I love about this move is the quarterbacks that he has worked with, besides Brooks he has worked with Montana, Bono, Gannon, and Hasselbeck. He pushed to have Alex Smith start instead of sitting something that I really agree with. At the same time he has worked with Brett Favre which is also a positive.

I really think that for the long run this was the best move, when Gruden and Andy Reid left to become head coaches a lot of people said "who are these guys?" - Heck I said the same thing in 93 when another 49rs offensive coordinator became the packers head coach and look at all of them now. All quarterback coaches that have been in Green Bay have become head coaches and except for Marty Mornhinweg all have been successful. So Why not this quarterback coach? He believes in fundamentals and technique, something the Seahawks Hasselbeck can give a lot of credit to since he attended his off-season quarterback school. In one statement I read, Thompson was also looking for someone that believed in building through the draft - Jim Bates had this quality and it is believed that McCarthy does also. Ladies and Gems, were not far away!! 1 maybe 2 big name free agents, a good draft weekend and maybe a trade and we could be looking at a team that can make it to the playoffs. In my heart I have doubts, everybody does when your dealing with the unknown but I really believe in what Ted Thompson is doing. He has a very good idea about where he wants this team to go and leaves no rocks un-turned.

Now the questions will be who will McCarthy bring in to be on his coaching staff, this was something that Ted Thompson also asked. I'm really anxious to see how this all irons out, usually coaches waste no time in filling out their staff for preparations for the February combine. The defense is my greatest concern, they took a big step forward last year and if this coach can convince Jim Bates to stay I see no reason why this team cant become a Super Bowl contender next year. When it comes to all the assistants that were interviewed there weren't any that fit what the Packers needed more than McCarthy. A native from Pittsburgh he is not afraid to tell it how it is and getting his hands dirty. I ask all to let time speak for itself before bringing out the negatives of this move, we have a leader now let's be fans and support the green and gold like we've done for years.

Oscar Ramirez,, Miami, FL

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