Reaction to McCarthy hiring II

More fans sound off on Ted Thompson's decision to hire Mike McCarthy

Hiring Bates would have been better move,
I have mixed emotions about this move. I thought that Jim Bates would make a much better fit for the Packers at this point. His performance last season justifies this reasoning. BUT, looking ahead to the future and the eventual retirement of Brett Favre, McCarthy is a good pick in relation to the obvious grooming of Aaron Rodgers or whoever we have at QB at that point. I think that a better move would have been to hire Bates as the head coach, McCarthy as the offensive coordinator, and Steve Mariucci as the quarterbacks coach. Just a thought.

Praying for 1 more year from Brett Favre,
Jaime Moore,, Eau Claire, WI

Ray Rhodes all over again,
Offensive coordinator of a team that finished 32ND IN THE LEAGUE last year? Four years with a non-descript New Orleans team that had some talent in McAllister and Horn. It is Ray Rhodes all over again. What was he thinking?

Dale,, PA

Packers have to retain Bates,
If they pay Bates enough to keep him on board, the new hire doesn't bother me. But if Bates is miffed and bails out. It was a bad move to hire anyone but Bates.

Bill Benner,, Peotone, IL

Why not interview Mariucci?,
I am a die-hard Packers fan who is a little befuddled with the hiring of McCarthy. If nothing else, the fact that it came so soon. I do not understand why Steve Mariucci did not even get an interview. Ya Ya, he has had some bad teams in the past. But I believe a lot of that had to do with the ownership and GMs. McCarthy doesn't seem to have the best track record, either. But I am willing to give him a chance if he can get Brett Favre to stay for another year or two. I think it would do Rodgers a lot of good to sit the pine for another year or so.

McCarthy may end up to be a Hall of Fame coach yet. Who knows? I think the Pack can get back on the right track if Favre stays, they get some of their offensive weapons back and have a good draft. I just wish Thompson would let us in on his plans a little more and take his time. This team is important to a lot of people.

Jeff Besh,, Ringgold, GA

Hiring for Brett Favre, or for good of team?,
Another Mike? I have to be honest; he's not my choice. I expect, though, he would be Thompson's selection, seeing as he and Brett are pals? Are we hiring to make Brett happy, or for the future of the team?

Now we need an Offensive Coordinator. How about Mooch? He knows the offense, he's friends with Brett and being from Michigan, he might take it if offered. I think he would be a good fit. Now that's only an old man's opinion, and you know what they say about opinions.

Lonnie the Legend,, Green Lake, WI

Whole lotta shakin' goin' on
What is going on with GM Thompson? He gets rid of, Sherman, who had a better record than some other Packer coaches, and picks out an offensive coach to run the team. The team could run him. Do not like what is happening. And why did Bevell run to the Vikes? Is he afraid of too much stepping on toes in the offense situation? Talk about a shakeup and surprise, wow.

Grant Davis,, Warwick, RI

Exciting move made by Thompson
Hello all Packer Fans!
When I read all the small press releases about Mike McCarthy to interview with Ted Thompson, I had a little gut tingly thing going on. My MIND said this guy is too young and has no head coaching experience. Why would Ted want to interview him? On the other hand my GUT was saying this is exactly what we need!! He may not have any head coaching experience, but the guy has excelled at every position he's been given and I believe Mike will do the same as the head coach of the Pack.

The style of West Coast offense he runs and his familiarity with Brett may even bring Favre back for another run at the title, but even if it doesn't we got the right man to make Aaron Rodgers the next Hall of Famer. Mike McCarthy's track record with quarterbacks speaks for itself....getting players to play at their highest potential is Mike's specialty. It's funny because I felt the same way about Jim Bates when we brought him in last season as the DC. So now the trick is getting Bates off his high horse so the two motivators can work together. If Bates can get over his wounded ego and get back to what he does best (inspiring the defense), the dynamic duo of coaches will have the Green and Gold wearing a new set of rings in no time. I'm excited and I hope the rest of the Packers Nation is too!! Come on August '06!

Brian Jensen,, Racine, WI

History may be repeating itself
Dear Todd,
You say that lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place. Let's go back in the history of the fabulous Packers. 15 years ago a GM Ron Wolf convinced the powers that be that Brett Favre was worth a first round draft choice. He was an unheralded name, and look what happened. In the meantime there was a man by the name of Ted Thompson working for the Packers under the tutelage of Wolf, something to be remembered later.

Wolf picked Mike Sherman to be the Packer coach. This led to a string of 5 years with a winning record. Mike was also given the additional duties and title of GM. As events would show the dual duties were more than one man could handle, affecting preparation and making choices in the annual draft. History showed this in the removal of Mike Holmgren as GM and retention as Head Coach. Look what Seattle is doing now. Ted Thompson returned to Green Bay when Mike Sherman was relieved of the GM duties. All of the events above were surprises as the circle of names and intertwined people leaving and coming back. The same is true of Mike McCarthy. He is coming back to the storied franchise. He knows the history of the Packers and what is expected of him. I hope that he will carry through as have the other Mikes - Holmgren and Sherman I'm sure that as this goes on, other surprises will take place all for the good of the Packers.

Dr. Vince Winter,, Minnetonka, MN

Bummed that Mariucci wasn't interviewed,
I have to first say that I wish Mike McCarthy the best of luck as head coach of the Green Bay Packers. That being said, I was very disappointed that Steve Mariucci was not interviewed at all. I, and alot of my fellow Packer fans and friends felt that he would be a great fit in the organization, regardless of what happened in Detroit. Given the fact that he grew up as a fan of the team you would be rest assured he wouldn't be coaching just to retain his job, but coaching with his heart. Also important is his relationship with Brett Favre if indeed he does play a few more years. I think it would have been the perfect scenario. Coupled with Bates on defense. A great combination it would seem! I hope all goes well for him, and I hope that Bates and Edgar Bennett stay in Green Bay where they belong! Go Pack in 2006!

Pat Gilhooly,,Bismarck ND

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