Thompson, McCarthy opening statements

GM, coach 'excited' about bringing championship back to Green Bay. Both open press conference at Lambeau Field Thursday afternoon with prepared statements:

Ted Thompson's opening statement to the media on Thursday:
"Over the past 10 days and every waking hour I have been trying to find the next head coach of the Green Bay Packers. My research through this process was extensive and deliberate. I talked to a lot of people. As you know I interviewed seven candidates. Some of them came to Green Bay for the interview. In some cases I went to their place for the interview. Ultimately, I was looking for someone who return this franchise to a championship level. I believe I found that person in Mike McCarthy.

"It's a three-year deal. Both Mike and I were very comfortable with those terms. We feel very good about our future going forward. I know some have said that Mike is young in terms of being a head coach, but he's been an assistant for 19 years, including the past 13 years in the National Football League. I was impressed by the quality quarterbacks he has worked with and developed. Also in my research, everyone that I've talked to that has worked alongside this man spoke glowingly of him, and that he had the same qualities that I was looking for in terms of looking for that head coach.

"What stood out to me in the interview process was Mike's leadership ability and the comfort level that he and I had from a personal level. Mike is someone who is a tough, no nonsense person. That appeals to me very much. He's all about football. He has tremendous football knowledge, which was very clear throughout the interview process.

"Going into this, I wanted someone who would fit into this organization with our players and in this community. I believe Mike has those qualities."

Mike McCarthy's opening statement to the media:
"I would like to acknowledge that I am blessed to be here, clearly by the grace of God. I have so many people to thank that have put me in this position. I would like to start with the Green Bay Packers organization, starting with Bob Harlan (and) John Jones. The Board of Directors, and ultimately Ted Thompson for giving me this opportunity.

"I'd like to recognize my family who has always been there through thick and thin.

"Along the way, when you go back, and you have an opportunity like this to stand up and take a job for an organization that stands at the forefront of sports organizations, you have time to reflect back on all of the things that you've encountered. I've been very fortunate going back to my days as a youth in Pittsburgh, Pa., and all the coaches I've had, and all the different people that have impacted me. To those coaches from grade school, high school, college … all the way up, I can't thank you enough. I was fortunate enough to move onto the professional level, and I've been very blessed with the great players, and assistant coaches and head coaches that have afforded me an opportunity to learn from them, and that taught me things. Obviously, a tight end from Baker University (Baldwin City, Kan.) coaching a quarterback was able to learn and to pass on to some fine young players, and to watch those players develop into quality NFL quarterbacks. To all the coaches that have impacted me along the way, I definitely thank you.

"Players … I've been very, very fortunate to be around great players. Something I share all the time with young players – the smartest players are always the best players. That's something that will never change in the National Football League. The coaches and players have cleared a path for myself to be here sitting in front of you today. I am forever grateful for that.

"I'd also like to acknowledge the fans of Green Bay and let you know that there will be an unconditional commitment from Ted and myself to bring the world championship back to Green Bay. I think that's very important to state that right out front. We're going to start with a program and a foundation that's going to be built on three key components: Number one, obtaining ‘Packer people.' I think that's critical. I've worked with Ted Thompson in the past in 1999. With his reputation and what he has done since then, I'm very confident that we're going to get the right kind of people in the Packer organization to achieve those goals. The second key component is to have a stable structure with a leadership that keeps its eye on the target at all times. And the third key component is character and chemistry, a constant, constant concentration on that. As we move forward, that's how I see our program coming together. I'm looking forward to the partnership with Ted Thompson, and the partnership with the rest of the Green Bay organization. I can't tell you how excited and honored I am for this opportunity."

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