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Fans offer their input on Packers, McCarthy hiring. Letters received earlier this week prior to the McCarthy hiring were not included.

Which Mike McCarthy did Packers get?
Well, Sean Payton and Jim Bates were the top candidates of those they actually interviewed, but Ted decided to go off the board and hire Mike McCarthy for the 4-12 San Francisco 49ers instead. Mike Nolan says he is a great fit for the Packers. Ken Dorsey says it was a great hire for the Packers. I just hope they aren't saying that but thinking, "Yes, he is gone". What I want to know is, did we just hire the Mike McCarthy who led one of the worst offenses in the league, or did we just hire the Mike McCarthy who had one of the most explosive offenses with the New Orleans Saints? I guess time will tell.

However, Mike will start at a major disadvantage if Ted doesn't do whatever it takes to keep Jim Bates happy with his position as defensive coordinator. He turned this defense around in a very short time and we don't need to break what is already fixed. If we can keep Bates and his defense, fill some holes with some big name free agents, and have a very productive draft, whether that be by trading down for more picks or grabbing a guy like A.J. Hawk at No. 5, I think this team could rebound from one of the worst seasons in history to contending for the division title next year. Time will tell if they can get all of that done in the next couple months.

Brad Moore, kngcobra70@yahoo.com, Cudahy, WI

Time will tell with McCarthy
Hi Todd,
I have to admit I have some reservations about the new coach, but then again I felt the same way when Holmgren was hired and look how that turned out! Time will tell and of course, now that Mike McCarthy is the new coach, he has my full support.

I still feel badly about Mike Sherman being fired. I don't feel his dismissal was justified. But, he was and we must move on. I only hope Coach Sherman knows that we appreciate what he did and tried to do for us. I think he's a good man and a good coach and any team will be lucky to get him. I, for one, will miss him.

As for Coach McCarthy, I really hope the fans will be patient with him and give him the time he needs to get the team going. We have become very impatient when it comes to giving coaches time to turn teams around. It cannot always be done overnight as some would like. I wish him the best of luck and of course, I hope and PRAY that Brett Favre returns to Green Bay.

Tracy Mangold, klumka@athenet.net, Combined Locks, WI

Thompson should have gotten the ax
Prior to the 2005 season, I wasn't really fired up about Mike Sherman. Their seemed to be something lacking.

But as for the 2005 season, I am confused. Teddy boy says that he didn't think Sherman was the right person for the Packers future. Then why was Mike given a 2-year extension to his contract?

Who let Rivera, Wahle, and Sharper get away? It seems to me that Teddy Thompson should be the one that was fired.

C Daniel Carpenter, dan.carpenter@mchsi.com, Charleston, IL

We must trust Ted and Co.
Mr. Korth,
To all the fans that have forgotten, the Packers are publicly owned. The organization is run much like the U.S. There is a president, voting members (like the electoral college) and the rest of the owners. The general owners have empowered the voting members and president to make the decisions for our team. If the team is being run poorly, we must voice our criticism towards them. However, we must also temper our anger with patience. Mr. Thompson has only been managing the team for one year. If the team ends with a losing season next year, that is when I would consider his replacement. Packer backers, please be patient with me.

Matthew J. Wicke, meinc1@yahoo.com, originally, Green Bay, currently, in the Navy in Monterey, CA

Easy to be a Monday morning QB
I'm originally from Wisconsin and now live in Ohio. I'm a lifetime Pack fan no matter whose territory I'm in (Browns).

It didn't surprise me Sherman was fired after our dismal season, however, this was his first dismal season and he's out. It all comes down to money. These players that hold out and cause turmoil in the teams, and its always the coaches fault. We didn't do well. I disagree. A coach can call a play but his players have to execute them. Yes, sometimes the play called may not seem right at the time and the fans and press are just "Monday quarterbacks." Put Sherman's shoes on and try it!

We cheer and give atta boys when we thrive in a season and jeer and point fingers when we bite the big one.

We were ransacked with injuries and after that being said, we do have the talent and team to get it done, including Brett. I know everyone hates "wait till next year" well we have no other choice. We have before and will dominate again.

M. Crase, t.crase@sbcglobal.net, Stow, OH

Wolf's help needed in front office
Mr. Todd Korth,
Good afternoon, I just read the open letter to Bob Harlan in the Packer Report from Mr. Tom Schroeder. After review, I agree with Mr Schroeder's step by step analysis and conclusions of Mike Sherman and Ted Thompson completely.

The hiring of Ted Thompson is seen by and large as a huge mistake, and yes, I also believe that Mr. Ron Wolf has eluded to that twice. The first instance was when Mr. Wolf indicated that he did not have the patience of Ted Thompson when it comes to signing free agents (to support Brett Favre) to replace the injured players. The second instance, as Mr. Schroeder mentioned, even Ron Wolf was surprised by the firing of Mike Sherman.

The 2006 draft and season are still a ways off for the Packers, don't be surprised if Mr. Harlan does not bring Mr. Wolf back into the picture. After all, Mr Harlan is not afraid to admit a mistake in the hiring of Ted Thompson. The overall view looking forward? It is difficult for Packer fans to feel and believe that Ted Thompson has what it takes to lead the Green Bay Packers, arrogance and individuality are not a trait of the Green Bay Packers!

Mike Ricci, mjricci@imation.com, North Hudson, WI

Is Thompson attempting to make a name for himself?
Hello Todd,
I am consumed with Packer thoughts since the game on Sunday when I had the fortune to be one of the 70,000 fans chanting "One More Year" at Lambeau and I thought maybe writing down my thoughts might help. Thanks for listening.

I have plenty of critism of Sherman over time. The most prominent of issues include:

• Tom Rosley and a lackluster, boring and much too conservative offensive (especially with a veteran in Favre).

• Poor clock management that has cost us games.

• A personality style that is very unmotivating to me as a fan and I can see how his lack of emotion and passion could carry over to a team.

With this said I don't think it is justified to fire him over this 4-12 season and I doubt this is the reason for Thompson's decision. As gracious as Sherman may have been to give up his GM title, I can easily see the awkwardness that could and probably did exist between the two in football decisions. I think it is more likely for this exact scenerio to fail than it would be to succeed. Now we are not aware of what happens behind the scenes but I believe this decision was based more on these things than what happened on the field. Thompson saw a window of opportunity and took it, because you can't exactly fire a guy for a winning season and given another season it is probably safe to say we could have pulled out a 9-7, 10-6 record. I believe what this boils down to is working relationships and Thompson believed his team direction is not the same as Sherman's and it just so happens Thompson has the power.

Although pretty bummed when I heard of the firing mostly because I knew Brett would surely not come back, I'm not necessarily taking sides on whether or not it should have happened. I think was is most unnerving is our Packer fate is in a guy (Thompson) that we really don't know and are not sure if he is competent enough to do what is right for the Packers. If this decision came from a Ron Wolf or even Bob Harlan himself Packer Fans could be rest assured that it was a necessary decision. But we don't know his vision and he doesn't have a proven track record. Part of me feels Thompson is doing this in an attempt to make a name for himself, for as long as Favre is playing and Sherman is coaching he is simply carrying on an era and without these guys he is establishing his own era as GM. Power can be a pretty evil thing and I really hope this is not his motive.

As the hours and days go by I do have hope for the Packers, after all we thought life was over when Don Majikowski went down with an injury.

Patrick Heise, heise.patr@uwlax.edu, La Crosse WI

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