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Here are some letters to the editor that have recently been submitted to Packer Report:<p>

Bring back Jude Waddy

I am a 29 year Packer fan from Juneau, Alaska. With the concerns we have at the linebacker position, does anyone remember Jude Waddy? I have been watching him play NFL Europe and he looks really good, he seems to be highly thought of and also is not allocated by any NFL team. Why not give him a tryout, what do we have to lose?


Juneau, Alaska

Keep Antonio Freeman

Dear Packer Report,

I am a Packer fan now for over 45 years and will stay with them until I am six feet under. For the last five or six years Brett Favre has had only one very good receiver. Antonio Freeman should stay as the No. 2 receiver or one, if Terry Glenn doesn't produce early. Why? I just think that he is durable, smart, knows Brett, the system and still does get open. When he is not open most of the time, the defense does not get the ball.

So far, all the young receivers that I have watched do not block out the defense from the ball if it can not be caught. Just look at the St. Louis game.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Jerry Ingaldi,

Erie, Pa.

Get a plate!

Packer Report,

Listen up, Packer fans! It's come to my attention that there are still 20 or 30 of you who haven't yet acquired a Packer license plate from your local Wisconsin DMV office. As you know, this is the reason that the Packers didn't make it to the Super Bowl last season. Well, that and a half dozen interceptions of Brett Favre by the Rams. But Brett'll do his part to see that doesn't happen again. How about YOU? Just imagine how great the parking lot in San Diego will look next January with all those glorious green and yellow Wisconsin tags. What are you waiting for?

Richard S. Russell,

Madison, Wis.


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