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Fans sound off on the Favre, Packers

Comparing Favre, Montana
Having played with Joe Montana and been around Brett Favre as a coach, what similarities and differences to these two all-time greats have? I know we as fans can see certain distictions between the two but guys like you were, and are, up close and personal with these guys so your opinion would be great. Thanks for your time and good luck with the 2006 season. Greg, g-mangan@sbcglobal.net, San Francisco, CA

There really isn't a difference between the two, except one's a four-by-four and one's a Mercedes Benz. The drive differently but get to the same place. Joe was smooth. A thicker Brett is rough and a reactor. Brett is great. Joe made everyone great. Joe was a student of the game. Brett was the game. Brett wants to physically beat you with his arm. Joe wanted to dissect you with his mind. Brett wanted the world to know he was there. Joe wanted the world to wonder what happened. Both great in their own ways!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harry Sydney

Favre has given fans a great ride
Great article by Harry ("Fans should stop being selfish"). Kinda puts things in perspective for all of us fans.

I have been torn as to what I want Brett to do, but who am I to say? All I know is which ever way he decides it has been the best time I can remember in Packer history. I was born in 1960 and read a pocket book about Bart Starr after the first Super Bowl and the Pack was terrible after Super Bowl 2 until we got Brett. It was a great ride on the way up after all those years of suffering. People should remember those lean years. He deserves to go out when and how he wants.

Gino Lucia, gbgino@sbcglobal.net , Windsor, CT

'My Team' needs Favre, other veterans
Dear Todd,
If I were Ted Thompson, I'd be Very Careful nowadays. Like it or not, My Team needs Brett back, along with Mike Flanagan, Grady Jackson, Aaron Kampman and William Henderson! My Team can't afford to rebuild. My Team MUST stay the course of the West Coast Offense.

As for Brett being 37 … so what? Everyone knows, or should know, why Brett had those 29 interceptions. Season-ending injuries played a huge role in that! It's very easy to criticize Brett for those interceptions, BUT My Team was never prepared for all those injuries and the coaches were NEVER prepared the rest of the players as well. Davenport should be traded to another team in order to upgrade on the DRAFT! Which My Team cannot afford to screw up! Keep Samkon Gado; this man is a very fast learner! And My Team needs that along with others to learn quickly, EVEN the new coaches! Take the tour, study and study, until everyone understands just what it means to play in Green Bay! From the top all the way to the bottom! MOST IMPORTANT!

It is very TRUE! My Team played with pride and their hearts were in it, but with all those injuries one can see it was too much! Question that I have is what would other teams' records be IF they had the same amount of season-ending injuries as My Team did? 4-12? 3-13? Name any team! My Team will be forever champs in my book, BUT it MUST learn what Green Bay Packer football is all about!

IF Thompson is any kind of general manager like Ron Wolf is, he won't have the time to worry about the salary cap! That can be dealt with at a later time, if he is smart enough! Getting rid of bench players is one of the goals My Team MUST do! And NOT pushing Brett out the door! Packer Fans will NOT TOLERATE another losing season, most of them anyway!

IF Rodgers wants to stay he MUST learn the Brett Favre system! Yes, one day Brett will retire, but have him go OUT as a winner!

Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Hendersonville, N.C.

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