Green prefers boxers

Running back part owner of underwear company

Ahman Green obviously prefers boxers over briefs. The Packers running back recently became part-owner of Big Headed Boxers, an upstart undergarment company based out of San Diego, Calif.

Green has teamed with Keith Davis, who created the brand of underwear and is the company's Chief Executive Officer. Big Headed features undergarments for men and women in numerous styles and colors. The women's collection also includes sport bras, camisoles and other products. Prices range from $18-$35.

Davis first approached Green with the new product last summer, and Green jumped on the Big Headed bandwagon.

"Being an underwear company, and watching tons of TV and tons of sports ads, and everything ... underwear companies, like Hanes and so forth, have done very well," Green said. "To get into something new and dynamic, like Big Headed Boxers, was a no-brainer. I saw the samples (Davis) showed to me, like the break-away boxers and the women's lines of pajama-wear, tops and bottoms, from bikini fit to ‘boy' boxers. If you've got girlfriends and wives who like to wear you're underwear, now you can go, ‘Here's your own pair. Get out of my drawer.' Husbands don't got to worry about finding their underwear in their wives drawer."

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