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Joe and Brett are different cats
You got it right on, comparing my two favorite pro QBs of all time - Joe Montana and Brett Favre. (Brett is my # 1, of course!) Calling Joe a Mercedes and Brett a 4x4! So true!

I read that the Packers signed Pete Traynor who played college ball for the Iowa Hawkeyes. He will be reporting to the Rhein Fire of the Europe NFL. The Pack needs top quality players, so they sign a guy who wasn't good enough to be a starter in four years of college football? Oh, boy.

Fred Mueller, fredanddeb@citlink.net, Kingman, AZ

Witherspoon is worth it
Harry Sydney,
First off I would like to say you are my favorite sports writer. I never miss an article and I agree with pretty much everything you say. You wrote an article (PackerReport.com) on Feb. 4 about free agents the Packers should re-sign and drop. I couldn't agree more with everything you said. My question is this: My favorite player (non-Packer) in free agency is Will Witherspoon. I think he would be an impact for the Packers immediately. Do you think there is a chance Thompson will go for him? If so about how much will that cost? I look forward to your answer and all your articles that come.

Scott Evely, monkeyfist2@gmail.com, Wilmore Ky

Thanks for your comments I appreciate them, but as for the incoming free agents the Packers first have to decide what they are going to do with their own before they can look elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!


Why bring back Schottenheimer?
I have a lot of respect for Mike McCarthy and the pressure he is under to get a winning franchise up and running again, but I believe he and Bob Sanders made a huge mistake by hiring Kurt Schottenheimer. Sherman cut him for a reason. There is no reason why we should expect any more from him than he did in years past. In '04 he succeeded in making a mockery of the pass defense. In '05 he goes to the Rams and does nothing there. Assuming not much changes in the off-season to the secondary he will be with basically the same crew as '04. I don't trust him with Nick Collins, one of the brightest spots in our defense. Collins can be a Pro Bowl caliber player but needs to be a little more fine-tuned. I don't want to see our number-one-ranked pass defense eroded by an incompetent coach. I think the other man for the job that McCarthy was considering was no better. Larry Marmie was tied to Kurt by way of the Rams last year and probably had some of Kurt's incompetence come off on him. There has to be more than two guys out there to coach in our secondary.

Lanny, lil_drew88_06@yahoo.com, Leola, S.D.

Favre deserves a little more help
Brett did not play well this year. In my opinion it was mostly due to his frustration with what was going on around him. It is too bad that he did not have a coach that was smart enough to sit him down and explain what he needed him to do, make him hold up his end of the game and deflect the public opinion off of Brett. Brett helped turn the Packers around early in his career because he had a coach that could do this. He deserves to be given a chance to do it again if his heart is in it and he is totally committed to being the best player he can be. He won't do it if the Packers are not willing to make the same commitment to him! I wish that he had been taken out of some games to see that the losses were not totally his fault and to show the fans that without Brett the Packers were even worse than with him. Time will prove this. I do not want to go back to the days of losing all of the time. I grew up watching the Lions management waste talent and drive Barry Sanders away with their lack of commitment. Brett is at the same crossroads that Barry was at!

If Brett needs help this summer, I will go to his hometown to help. I am a 52-year-old teacher with my summers off. People need to quit asking Brett to do more and ask what we can do to help him!

Dick Fritz, spartan276@yahoo.com, Oshkosh, WI

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