Wolf makes a visit to minicamp

Gone but not forgotten, former Packers general manager Ron Wolf looked on during Day 2 of the team's June minicamp today. Wolf, who is under contract as a consultant for the Packers, then took a few minutes to offer his assessment of the Green Bay Packers.<p>

"Looks like it's going to be a solid team," said Wolf. "It's going to be a tough team to make for young people. Looks like they've done a really good job of fixing holes, particularly the wide receiver position. The tight ends look a lot better than when I was here the last couple of years. The offensive line looks good ... the defensive line. Ahman Green is an exceptional football player."

Wolf was invited by Mike Sherman to Green Bay to attend this week's minicamp. Sherman, the team's third-year coach, took over as general manager in June of 2001 when Wolf retired. Since then, has yet to consult with Wolf.

"I'm glad he hasn't," said Wolf. "He has his own thing to do. I'm just like yesterday's tissue paper – down the drain. And that's the way it should be. It's his team."

Wolf is paid $500,000 a year by the Packers as a consultant and is under contract for two more years.

Wolf said that he intends to remain retired, but "a person should never say never, but I'm really not that interested in it." He indicated that with player turnover in the league as it is today, a team is better off with a younger, energetic individual as general manager.

"People who are going to be successful in professional football are those who can adapt to this," Wolf said. "That's the way it's going to be from now on. It's an interesting process. That's why younger people can handle it."

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