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Fans chime in on the state of the Green Bay Packers

Random thoughts on the Packers
Hi Todd,
Thought it might be time again to chime in with some random thoughts on the state of the Packers as we near free agency and draft time. I always enjoy reading the thoughts of other fans, talking with other Packer fans here in Huskerland (there are many), and sharing our opinions on the team we love. It's fun playing GM to see if any of my thinking is on target at all. We'll see......here we go:

Favre: I was initially strongly hoping he would come back but reality is setting in and I find myself resigned to the fact he is likely to retire. Just in case Brett is not back I am now praying to the Packer gods that Rodgers is the real deal. I want him to come back and give it one more try - but only if the organization is serious about putting together a team that can compete for a championship.

Like others, I see the Packers as on the right track personnel wise but changes and additions are a must for them to see the playoffs this season.

Coaching - Jury is out, on paper I am not real impressed by the entirety of the staff but am very optimistic about some of the position coaches. We will just have to see what McCarthy brings to the table when they get on the field.


*RB - Ahman wants to stay, sign him and give him a shot. But, either sign a free agent RB or draft one high (I like the Calhoun pick in round 2). Keep Gado on, he will be a bargain back up. Let Najeh and Fisher go. Use the money elsewhere.

*WR - Let Ferguson go, too injury prone and unproductive. Give Rod Gardner a serious shot!!! Would be another bargain who could be a real sleeper!! Bring a free agent in to challenge. No need to draft one, we will assume Walker will be back to full speed.

*O-Line: Sign one free agent guard - if there is any way possible go after Hutch from Seattle. We could get by with what we have on the other side but man would Hutch solidify the line after losing (2) pro bowlers last season!! Draft some help later rounds.

*Punter - Sander is done, experiment over. Hint: The Pack missed out on one free agent Nebraska punter (Larson of the Bengals) when they drafted Sander. Another Husker is there this year (Sam Koch) and could likely be had as a free agent or seventh round pick but could be another Larson or better!

*Kicker - let Longwell go if he insists on big money. He is showing serious signs of vulnerability, much cheaper options will be available.

*D-line: Sign Grady back on if possible but find some help for him. Make decisions on what we have now and either stand pat with them or make changes via free agency. I am on board with Mario Williams as the first pick. KGB is a great guy but not what he used to be. Keep Kampman, he is a good example to the rest of the team of what hard work and a non-stop motor can do.

*Linebackers: See what might be available in the draft, perhaps steal one in fourth round. Just hope what we have now can stay healthy. Likely have to find one mid range FA LB also.

*Secondary: Sign one higher end free agent corner! Carroll is just not getting it and Al is as solid as they get on the other side but he needs help!! Why not Ty Law? They seem to me to lack leadership on the defensive side (especially after letting another pro bowler go last season in Sharper). What an upgrade Law would be! Enough with the draft, we have drafted so many CB's. We need veteran help now! As for safety - I do think that can be addressed in the draft and I like Josh Bullocks in the third round if he stays on the board that long. Would be a steal.

These next few months are going to be SO interesting! I would urge Brett to make a decision soon for the good of the team, no matter what that decision is. Like most every person who calls him/herself a Packer fan I will stick with them no matter what but I am not going to just drink the Kool Aid here and blindly accept and believe everything the team (management) does and tells us. I will not accept years of re-building when it does not have to be that way.

Jeff J. Dummer, jdpackfan2003@yahoo.com, Kearney, NE

Craig Nall deserves a chance to play!
Dear Mr. Korth,
I have been a Packer fan for the past 18 years and have enjoyed the games and learning of their past history, but this past season has been miserable. A newly elected coach, Mike McCarthy, I hope will make a huge difference.

Also, how about some necessary changes in players? Brett Favre has given his all for the team and fans. He has been the Green Bay Packers! Is it not time though for a change? And that CRAIG NALL should/could replace Brett? CRAIG'S NFL US & NFLE standings, plus how well he performed in place of Brett when necessary, should convince those responsible to give CRAIG A CHANCE!!

Jules Andrews, Stauffie@aol.com, Colorado Springs, CO

Who can help the Packers?
Hi Todd,
With free agency around the corner many Packer fans (myself included) are wondering which free agents the Packer organization will try to sign. Rocky Bernard, the defensive lineman from Seattle, has been mentioned as a possible replacement for Grady Jackson, whom the Packers don't seem particularly interested in resigning. There seems to be a good chance that the New York Giants may not re-sign linebacker Nick Greisen, who is a Sturgeon Bay native. Have you heard his name come up in any conversations you have had, and would he fit in with the Packer's defensive scheme? I would bet a pretty penny he would love to be a Packer. Are there any other names the Packers might be eying? Randy Nyberg, scoobydoo_54321@yahoo.com, Albuquerque, NM

It appears that Jackson is seeking more money than the Packers are willing to offer him at this point. Who knows? If other teams pass on Jackson in free agency, the Packers may be able to re-sign him at a realistic rate. He's not getting any younger, but he had a solid season last year, so he likely will hook on with someone else for the kind of money he is seeking. I would think the Packers will try to sign a veteran defensive back and receiver in free agency. Wide receiver David Givens and cornerback Ty Law would be great additions to Green Bay's roster.

Todd Korth

Hang in there, Brett!
Packer Report,
I am sitting watching the news and getting disgusted about all of the news media who think they are coaches. They have NO idea what goes on in an organization that has problems.

Brett, my friends, family as well as myself are totally with you! You've given Wisconsin and the Packers more publicity and recognition than anyone could expect.

We can only guess what you are going through, but we are with you and pray you come through this. Fifteen years of great football can only be praised.

I'm 82 years old and went through every year of the Packers' ups and downs since 1934.

Go Packers!!! Stay with us Brett!!

Don Krueger, Oak Creek, WI (C/O Cristine C Radonski, cristine.radonski@usbank.com)

Nall can do it; sign a few high profile free agents!
If Brett for some reason does retire, which is unlikely in my view, then the top choice in my view is to keep Craig Nall. Why, you ask? He is a soft passer and knows the offense. If you remember, Nall is an accurate passer. He doesn't have the bullet ball like Brett does, but somehow gets it there! Fisher and Davenport can be traded off for a better pick!

It is VERY unlikely that My Team will get Edgerrin James or Jamal Lewis, at this time BUT attempts should be made to sign some of these High Market players! Green and Gado MUST stay. Yes, I've read the article that Green Loves Green Bay and so does Gado. They are "Packer Players." Every effort should be made on keeping these players! Yes, Bernard would be a good signing. My Team canNOT afford to let Kampman go or Jackson, just because you're in your middle 30s doesn't mean your finished! Like they said about Brett since 2001! My Team needs super players like I just mentioned. A few of them. The heat is on for next year. The question is: Can the McCarthy/Thompson team have the brains to pull it off? Remember Salary Cap means NOTHING to this point. Later on down the road it might, but with all the talent out there it doesn't hurt to take a shot at them!!!!!!

Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Hendersonville, N.C.

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