Sydney Speaks! Who is running the asylum?

Former Packers fullback and assistant coach Harry Sydney is up in arms over the Brett Favre saga that has lingered on more than two months after Green Bay's final game. Sydney explains how Favre's indecision may cost the Packers a chance at signing some quality free agents.

Again Brett Favre is in the media. This time it's the same old story with a different version. I'm not sure anymore who's running this ship. Is Brett waiting for the Packers, or are the Packers waiting for him? Either way it looks like Brett is driving!!!!!!!!!

Let's look at what's happening at this time: The NFL is in turmoil with the owners and the NFL Players Association at odds when it comes to free agency and having a Collective Bargaining Agreement in place for the years to come. This is making teams that are over the salary cap dump some key players to get cap relief, which could put the Green Bay Packers in perfect position to make drastic changes to improve this team. Green Bay is one of the few teams well under the salary cap, but the problem is that their key player, Brett Favre, has not committed one way or the other as to whether he is coming back or not. I think that might affect whether or not the good free agents will come, don't you?

Why hasn't Brett Favre made up his mind by now? At first he said he wasn't sure he wanted to come back because he wasn't sure he wanted to put himself physically and mentally through another season. Then it was he wasn't sure he wanted to have the ball in the last two minutes of a game. But now in his latest words he's waiting to see what the Packers are going to do in free agency as well as the draft. So what's really going on? What does Brett want? Does he want the City of Green Bay to roll out the red carpet and paint his picture on the side of the biggest building in Wisconsin? Are the Packers supposed beg Brett to come back? Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy, I believe, have done everything as an organization to show him they want him back. The even made a trip to Brett's home and yet Brett can't decide. And now Brett's due a $3 million bonus March 8, and to suggest that the Packers move that date back to accommodate him is ridiculous, I believe.

It's time for Ted Thompson to say, ‘OK, Brett, are you in or out?' Stop letting the inmate run the asylum. To allow any player to hold any organization hostage undermines what the game of football is all about, which is teamwork. All my life I believed and was taught that there were no I's in team, but everything I have heard from Brett has been "I." ‘I'm not sure, I don't know, I can't make up my mind, who will I be surrounded with, I don't know if I want the ball, I don't know if I can handle it anymore.' What about the team that has allowed him to become a millionaire. What about the team that has allowed him and his wife to have a platform to help make a difference in the world. Last column was about where's the loyalty, which also means knowing when to let unlock the handcuffs.

Is anyone else tired of this stuff, or is it only me? Does he get a free pass because he is Brett Favre? Ask yourself how long has this been going on and when does it end? Not only that, but if he does come back how long will he be back? Can he commit himself to two years because what will one year really do, except put us right back in the same place we have been in the last two to three years wondering will he or won't he retire? We all must understand that this 'I don't know" attitude isn't helping anyone - not the team, not the fans, not future free agent signings, nobody at all. Then again Brett just might not know how to drift off into the sunset. Many don't, but then again many do and did. The Joe Montanas, Bart Starrs, Troy Aikmans, Steve Youngs, Jim Kellys, Marcus Allens, Walter Paytons, Barry Sanders, Ronnie Lotts didn't hold their teams hostage, did they? But then again is it really all Brett's fault? No, because he can only hold the team hostage if it lets him. Sometimes I feel the Packers have forgotten this is a business and players come and go and are replaced. For every Edgar Bennett, there's an Ahman Green, and for every Robert Brooks there's a Javon Walker, and for every Bart Starr there's a Brett Favre. Everyone is replaceable. Yes, we all know about the streak of starts the Three-time MVP and the Super Bowl win. We want to celebrate him like that's been what he's been about the last several years, but it hasn't been that way has it? Brett hasn't brought the Packers back from behind since 2002, and he threw 29 interceptions last year. How bad has he looked in the playoff games of late? So, WHAT ARE THEY DOING?!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at, and he will forward it to him.

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