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Fans air out their thoughts on Favre, Thompson and Jerry Kramer

Favre retirement means more cap room
Todd Korth,
My question pertains to Brett Favre playing for the Packers in 2006. It is my understanding that the Packers are currently about $19 million dollars under the salary cap. If Brett doesn't play in 2006, will his $10 million dollar salary be added to the Packers current numbers, and would they then have $29 million dollars available for free agency?

DuWayne Kutz, jazdak@aol.com, Ocala, FL

The Packers will gain $7.6 million in cap space if Favre retires. Here's a link to a story that I wrote a few weeks ago:
Todd Korth

Enough with Favre's self-pity, already!
Thank God it is finally coming out. I am right behind you all the way with this article "Who is running the asylum?" I am a big fan of Brett Favre and hope he comes back one more year. The thing is, if he doesn't, we will all talk about the good times and get on with our lives. At the end of a miserable season, I can understand wanting to take some time to think about things, but let's end the pity party. The longer he takes to make up his mind the worse it makes him look, in my opinion. If you don't know today, I would assume he is not coming back and plan accordingly. Let's not just turn our back on him, but football is a business and needs to be run as best as it can. I believe in Thompson and support him (although it is hard when things aren't clear). Thompson has had to make some tough decisions to try and turn things around but he is smart.

Brett, if you can hear me, cut the drama. This decision is like buying a car or a house. No matter what you do, you will second guess it anyway.

Matthew Struble, mstruble@lawsonproducts.com, Naperville, IL

We want more from No. 4!
Happy New Year, Todd,
I'm just a fan and you know that.

I was wearing the green when the Ice Bowl occurred, olive green that is, and I've tried not to miss anything about the Green Bay Packers since I was almost a toddler, but this new coaching staff and their unproven tundra experience that really matters gives hope for a good run. BUT we have Brett still and what can we fans do to help him with his struggles?

We all want to field the BEST team, the General Office, the Coaching Staff, THE FANS and, of course, the semi pros like you and the staff at Packer Report who are really the SUPER FANS. Brett has more years. He proved that last year. Had the offense not dissolved around him he would have had a 40 TD season, I was certain.

I've been lucky to have lived in the time of great NFL players and they seem to get better every season, but not all. He knows he's the best and that if he plays he can bury Elway and Marino and he's already bested most all of them and his percentages are better.

As a FAN I want the best team on the field that can be. Mike Sherman was VERY GOOD at putting the best team on the field in the regular season as any I've watched, but he's gone and we still have Brett the WONDER QUARTERBACK!!!!!!

Some day if we ever have the pleasure to meet face to face I'll explain my personal feelings on our present GLADIATORS. I want to see No. 4 PLAY MORE and you can use that with my compliments. I remember Ernie Banks make the mistake of the century when he coined "The CUBs will SHINE in 69." Who knew the Mets etc. But "No. 4 to Play MORE" should ring in every Green and Gold mind for the next months!!!!

Jessie Hummel, jessieh@gbpackersfan.com, Oviedo, FL

Good moves by Packers are necessary!
This is the Year My Team can't afford making mistakes like losing their valued Free Agents, nor can they screw up in the draft. This is a VERY DANGEROUS time right now. My Team can't afford to lose Brett at this time. There is no experience out there yet! Plus, the fact that losing top quality players just might end Ted Thompson's job, if that's what he wants! It is true some must go! Kampman MUST stay long term along with Jackson. Give them long-term contracts spread out over 5 to 6 years and this will give you more room to play with. Fisher, Davenport, most of the bench players must go. Keep Gado and Green they also can be long-term. There is no question My Team is in a BIG mess. It will be in a bigger mess, fooling around with your top players to which everyone knows who should be kept and who should go! We all know who the top players are! Right now I can think of keeping 8 out of the 14 and make some trades if necessary, to upgrade the draft. This so-called salary cap, can be dealt with at a later time, if Thompson is smart enough to do so. Since when did that stop any team anyway? When you have to, you have to. So what? I think that's what preseason is for - to find out who stays and who goes!!!! Practice Squad? What a waste of money in my book. All you have to do is add it up - base salary times the amount of players who are on the practice squad! Third string should be your practice squad only.

Last year, everyone had to play because of major injuries. The coaches were NEVER prepared for it, therefore, good-bye Mike Sherman. The same case could be true for McCarthy, and other coaches who don't get the Packers prepared for the year 2006! Last year most of us can understand why, label 2005 as preseason games only, not regular season games because that's how it turned out to be, like it or not! Making stupid mistakes like this will cause a long-term effect, on any team. One does not have to look far to find a few!

Let's take a close look at the Packers, before Holmgren-Wolf - 1970s and 80s. Nobody even wanted to come to Green Bay until Reggie White! Then others followed along, then in the '90s until 2004, "My Team" became the classic team in winning ways. Sherman was smart by keeping the Holmgren system in! And for that is the only reason why Sherman was a success, and had the players to do it with, until all those injuries happened Sherman was not only looked lost, but sounded it too in press briefings, and the comments that he made! It made My Team look lost! Did the players give up? NO! They were in every game played, and could have won most of those very close games! But the stress was too much to overcome. My Team doesn't need anymore stress put on it … enough was put on it in the year 2005! "The 16 Pre- Season Games" is the BEST WAY to sum up 2005! It's now up to the scouts, front office, coaches, and trainers on just how committed they are to get My Team back!!!

Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Hendersonville, N.C.

Kramer gets slighted again
Dear Packer fans,
Once again another HOF vote has been taken, and again JERRY KRAMER has been ignored. How many times has someone else less worthy gone into the HOF instead of JERRY?

One year JERRY was the only Seniors Comm. nominee, and they decided not to elect one that year. At least one goes in every year.

JERRY KRAMER deserves to be in the Pro Football HOF for what he did on the field, not off. How many players with mediocre careers have been inducted because of what they did after their playing days were over?

Let's put JERRY in the HOF where he belongs. All loyal PACKER FANS should write the HOF and recommend JERRY for induction. The address is:

John McNichol, frzntundra@gbpackersfan.com, Altoona, Pa.

Shoe's on the other foot for Favre
I just want to express my concern regarding Brett Favre and his continuing saga of holding the Packers hostage until he can figure out what is most important in his life, his family or the Packer family. He has been such a large part of the Packers resurgance to the the top and we could never have done it without him, but if he hadn't had the support of Mike Holmgren and the Packer faithful all those years he wouldn't be where he is now. It takes a team not an individual to make things work well.

Hey, Brett, remember last year when you told Javon to honor his contract. Isn't the shoe on the other foot now? How about thinking about all the lives you're affecting now and make your decision based on what's right for everyone. If you have to make your decision you should make it before the Packers draft so the organization can make the proper decision for the organization. I personally would like to see you back for as many years as you feel that you can contribute positively. I love watching you play and thank you for all that you've done. Remember, the team comes first.

John Haug, jhaugssrc@yahoo.com, Fresno, CA

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