Will Favre ever make a decision?

Quarterback need to make up his mind soon

One of Brett Favre's chief responsibilities on the football field is to make decisions. Should I throw there, there or there? Should I throw the ball away? But when it comes to making up his mind about retirement, Favre is getting sacked time and time again, taking way too much time to make a decision.

Maybe the decisions on the football field are easier, because if you do not get rid of the football a 300-pound defensive lineman will bury you into the ground.

Whatever the reason, Favre needs to make a decision for everyone involved. From "Joe Packers Fan" to GM Ted Thompson, a decision needs to be made so the Packers can set sail in the direction they choose.

Favre's latest comments raised a "red flag." Recently, he said his decision would be based on what Thompson and the Packers do in free agency and the draft. This raised eyes, because the draft isn't until the final two days of April. Who knew Favre was going to wait this long? Furthermore, Favre had previously stated his retirement decision was family-related. It was thought Favre was being drawn into retirement so he could watch his oldest daughter, Brittany, play sports her senior year of high school in Mississippi. In addition, his wife Deanna's fight with breast cancer, which is now under control, was thought to be a reason.

But not anymore, according to Favre. It comes down to the Packers making the proper moves to signal the team will try to win in 2006, not rebuild. First of all, the Packers or any other NFL team will never admit to rebuilding, because it admits you're expecting to lose.

Still, what the Packers do with their $19 million available under the salary cap will tell us what they're thinking.

The ball's in the Packers' court. Do they go for a dunk, or pass the ball around for a while?

Some wonder if Favre's $3 million bonus due next week is a big deal. It's not.

The Packers will pay Favre the $3 million, and if Favre retires he must return the bonus, just as Barry Sanders was forced to with Detroit when he retired after receiving a bonus.

It also was the same with Miami and Ricky Williams, which is why Williams returned in 2005. He had already spent his $8 million bonus. But the real story here is Favre. He simply cannot make a decision. It's been two months and he still has no idea.

Covering Favre during his career, some things shout out he has problems making decisions, whether they are football-related or not. Despite having a daughter with Deanna prior to marriage, and having a relationship with her since high school, it took Favre how long to decide Deanna was the right person for him?

So long he almost lost her, but for the record, 12 years.

The retirement talk over the last few seasons could've been limited if Favre would've said something concrete. He never did. He never had a solid answer for the dreaded "R" question. If he truly didn't know, he could've said, "I will not address any retirement questions until the season is over." By doing that, no decision is made, but at least it prevented us from hearing him field questions about it on a consistent basis and saying nothing.

And now he has avoided making the decision all on his own, as he has tied the Packers into his decision, saying their off-season moves will dictate his decision.

If he's not on the football field, Favre seemingly can't make a clear-cut decision, unless it deals with what tractor to buy or what driver he should add to his golf bag.

It appears the only way Favre can make a decision on his own about retirement is to bring John Michels out of retirement, have him try to block Michael Strahan, who will blow by Michels and head for Favre's head. Then, Favre will be pressed into a decision: Retire or not?

Knowing that won't happen, all we can do is watch the Packers' moves in the off-season and see what Favre thinks of them. His decision will tell us what he thinks, unless of course he decides he can't decide.

Doug Ritchay

Editor's note: Doug Ritchay is a regular contributor to PackerReport.com. E-mail at dritchay@sbcglobal.net.

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