Bigger, stronger, confident

Wide receiver Charles Lee and tight end David Martin hit the weights early and often this off-season, and the results have been impressive. Both have gained about 10 pounds of muscle, maintained their quickness, and are ready for the marathon of an NFL season to begin in July.<p>

Lee played at about 205 pounds last year, but has been practicing around 215 pounds during the June minicamp, which concludes on Wednesday. Martin, a former wide receiver at the University of Tennessee, played at about 250 pounds last year and is up to 260.

Neither have lost any speed with the extra weight. But both have seemingly gained more confidence. Lee is entering his third season, Martin his second. Both have the potential to be big contributors this season.

"I want to be more productive each year," said Martin. "I'm looking to be more physical this year and get more involved in the offense."

Lee said he watched videotapes of former Packers wide receiver Sterling Sharpe this off-season. That and the urging of his mother to play more physically prompted Lee to take a new approach to his game.

"She said, 'You need to be more physical on the field.' I actually thought about it," said Lee.

Between weight-lifting sessions, Lee kicked back and watched some tapes of Sharpe "just to see how he played the game. I think that helped a little bit, too. Just trying to learn from the guys that have been around and done it."

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