McCarthy on Favre

Coach's comments on status of veteran quarterback

Packers coach Mike McCarthy answered a number of questions regarding Brett Favre during a media session at the recent NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Here are some of McCarthy's responses to questions:

Q: When would you like an answer from Favre?
Obviously, sooner than later. I have not spoken to him this week, but it seems like I answer this question on a daily basis. It's a family issue between Deanna and Brett. I feel very optimistic about his decision, but he needs to be 110 percent between the breastplates because you want him to come back and play like he always has and like we all enjoy and love. We're going to give him the timeframe that he needs.

Q: The longer Favre takes to make up his mind, do you think that's a positive?
I think the people who know Brett Favre, who know what it's like to be around him on a personal level, he's going to go through this the right way and do what's best for his family. If he makes it today, yesterday or two weeks from now, the timeframe doesn't matter. If he does come back, he'll come back 120 percent and that's what Brett Favre is.

Q: Why are you so optimistic?
I just go by the visit we had and the conversations we've had. They're all positive. The people in this room who do know Brett, our conversations have gone from hunting for raccoons or whatever he's hunting down there to football games in 1999 to Super Bowls and things like that. I have a good feeling about it. I could be wrong, but my personality is that I am an optimistic individual.

Q: What do you say to the guys who you know are coming back?
Well, the Green Bay Packers organization is the attraction. We have a phenomenal tradition. The professionalism there is second to none. You see that as soon as you walk into the door. When I got off the plane when I had the opportunity to interview there, I was met at the door by Bob Harlan. The Green Bay Packers organization sells itself and that's not an insult to Brett Favre or any other individual on that football team. That will always stand alone.

Q: What do you tell Brett about the chances for next season?
There's no guarantees in life. He'll be the first to tell you that. All I can control and the message I have with Brett Favre and anyone else who I've talked to, player or coach, co-worker, is the direction we're going and the plan to get there. There's no guarantees.

Do you think that is a factor for Brett?
I think it's probably a component for Brett. Obviously he wants another opportunity to win the Super Bowl and rightfully so. He's been there. He drank from that cup. I'm sure that's part of his decision. I can only tell you what Brett and I talked about, that it's a family decision and he wants to take the time to make the right decision.

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