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Fans air their opinions on Walker, Favre

Walker is out of line
What is he thinking? Trade him? He'd retire? There's about a 1% chance of him retiring. Oh, you mean retire like Ricky Williams. Gotcha. We'll see you in a couple of years then, Javon, okay?

What is all of this apparently sudden posturing about? He's starting to sound like Daunte Culpepper. It seems like nobody wants to play in the NFC North anymore. I guess I can't really blame them, though the division seems to be wide open now. There are a lot of question marks on all of the teams.

Tom Voss, voss.tom@gmail.com, Lincoln, NE

Dump Walker, but re-sign Nall
Hi Todd,
Javon Walker is a distraction, plain and simple. I really hope that TT trades him, as was was done for Mike McKenzie in 2004. We will suffer in the locker room and maybe on the field for Walker's continuing presence.

I would like to see the Packers make a strong attempt to keep Craig Nall in Green Bay. It was wrong to automatically make him the third-string QB last season, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him outperform Rodgers again in camp this summer. Brett Favre will be done soon, and I'd like to have the best performer behind Favre ready to take over, not the one with the highest position in the draft.

Jim Richards, jimr20165@yahoo.com, Potomac Falls, VA

Keep common goal in mind
Hey Todd,
Long time reader, first time writer.

I know injuries plagued this last season and many new faces had to be thrown in to the mix. Nevertheless, when I look back on the season's past, especially the mid and late '90's, one thing seems to be eluding us now - Team Unity. Not just players but management and players. Many individuals seem to have very different team goals in mind.

I'm still stewing with the fact that Thompson didn't build a team to make a Super Bowl run with Favre's retirement on the brink, but as always I am excited about the upcoming season. I hope that with all the management and player changes some semblance of a common goal can be achieved. In my eyes, if healthy, both the offense and defense need but minor tweaking. Special teams though have to be a concern. Considering their schedule, the Packers have and excellent chance this season – Go Pack!

Brett Haduch, b.haduch@comcast.net, Chicago, IL

Give Favre a little space
Hi Todd,
I have been reading the letters to the editor for some time now, and I am sick and tired of everyone getting on Brett Favre's case of retiring or not, and how it is such a sympathy game or for some type of pity! Look, the guy's gotta make some tough decisions about his future and life, not just with the Pack. He's gotta consider what he wants to do with his life and also he I'm sure he wants to see what the Packers want to do with free agency and maybe the draft (but he will have to make a decision before then). Look we have all had those days, even today I don't want to head in to work tomorrow, but his life is totally different from ours he's gotta think of playing for five months away from his family with a tough workout and who knows what else to expect with a new coach and whatever else might happen.

I would love to see Brett play another year or even two, but if he decides to retire then I will be happy for all the memories he has given us and accept Aaron Rodgers with open arms. For everyone else, get off his back. He's has been a legendary quarterback, and I believe he has earned the right to take time, if necessary, to make a proper decision. I believe he will come back for another season, just because not only for his passion for the game but because this last year was absolutely horrible. He can redeem himself and I think shut everyone up!

Remember the Carolina Monday Night Game? Well, everyone said he lost it prior to that game and even during that game, but that was an incredible fourth quarter! Even losing so many teammates, he brought them so close to that win. He will always have it in him, but how long does he want to do it is the question we are waiting for.

Ravi S., ravioli684@yahoo.com, Modesto, CA

It's all about Packer pride
I've been a life time fan as you know being born and raised in Wisconsin. Also, as I told you before played some, made it my goal to be a Packer player, but fell short. So I tend to stick with what works, people have E-mailed me calling me NUTS because I say My Team! Well, I feel a part of them. I'm not a stockholder, besides, like it or not, it's part of the fans as well! Non-stockholders are just as important as the stockholders, no matter who it is. I know for a fact it's a tremendous honor, to meet Packer players when I was growing up back in the late '50s and '60s. First class people like Starr, Hornung, Fuzzy Thurston, Jerry Kramer, and good Old Vince! We all know him, along with others who have made this team so great over the years! The 1970s and '80s were not kind to My Team, and I hope it never happens again! As the old saying goes, "If It's Not Broke Don't Fix It!!!!

Whether you're a new player or an old player, EVERYONE MUST understand "The Packer Pride." The fans WILL NEVER FORGET and I will never forget!

Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Hendersonville, N.C.

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