Green stays positive after dispute

Ahman Green used the recent June minicamp to work on his game and bond with some of his new teammates. He also had time to think about a recent domestic dispute with his wife in Omaha, Neb.<p>

Shalynn Green obtained a court protection order in May after she accused her husband of beating her twice while she was pregnant on May 15. The two were married in June of 2001.

Green, who played at the University of Nebraska, must stay away from his wife's home in Omaha and their two children's day care center.

Green has had three public domestic disputes with his wife since 1999, according to reports.

The judge also granted Shalynn Green temporary custody of the children.

Green, speaking to reporters during the minicamp, declined to elaborate on the matter.

"There's nothing I can change or reassess," said Green. "I'm still a role model. I will continue to do the things I've always have done on the field and off the field. It made me realize that, hey, I'm human just like anybody else and that some things are going to be said about you that are not true. (But) you have to go on and roll with the flow. In time, the wounds will heal."

In the meantime, Green practiced carrying the ball with his right hand. He almosts always carries the ball with his left hand, even when he is running to his right. Green was named to the NFC Pro Bowl squad last year after rushing for 1,387 yards. He fumbled six times in the regular season and lost five in the 366 times that he handled the ball (rushing and receiving). After experimenting in practice, Green still feels more comfortable carrying the ball with his left hand. "I'm not making a must-do thing out of this," Green said. "If I do it, I do it, if I don't, I don't worry about it."

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