Sydney Speaks! Why continue to wait on Favre?

Former Packers fullback and assistant coach Harry Sydney offers his thoughts on why it is necessary for the Packers to end the Brett Favre saga now and move on with preparing for the 2006 season, knowing who their starting quarterback will be.

Every time I have talked about the living legend, Brett Favre, I seem to offend some of you, but that's OK because I can live with that. But I am so tired of hearing that everything the Packers do or don't do is having some effect on Brett's decision. What's worse now is what other teams are doing is being linked to whether he will stay or go!!!!!!

This weekend there was a report that because the Dallas Cowboys signed Terrell Owens, Brett won't come back to the Green Bay Packers. Are you kidding me, people? It's a joke, right? Also now that Craig Nall has signed a three-year deal with the Buffalo Bills the report was that he must know that Brett is coming back, or why else would he leave the Packers? I have an idea: Maybe Nall left the Packers because he felt that his time with the Packers has run its course. Maybe he left the Packers because he felt that when they drafted Aaron Rodgers as their first-round draft pick it signaled to him that Ted Thompson doesn't believe in his ability. Why would Nall want to stay and be a backup to either Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers? It would be stupid for him to just hang out and let his career go down the tubes. Craig's a competitor. He wants to at least have an opportunity like all athletes to see whether he can really play in this league and not just be a lifetime backup. I don't blame him, do you? But instead of it being about him making a career decision, the Packer world is wondering how will this affects Brett Favre's decision.

Think about what happened at the end of the year when Mike Sherman got fired. The first thing people wondered was whether Mike's firing will trigger Brett's retiring. Remember how many of you the Packer faithful were willing to keep Mike Sherman around to just keep Brett here. Then when Mike was fired and the coach search began everyone was worried about who would work well with Brett. Even the talk of Steve Mariucci coming back to Green Bay woke up from the dead. Why? Because he and Brett were close and people thought Brett would listen to him? Then it was we must hire Jim Bates because he and Brett respect each other. Then when Mike McCarthy was hired everyone talked about how he has had success working with young quarterbacks and, by the way, he did have a working relationship with Brett because he has already coached him before, so Brett might stay.

Let's look even further than that. Let's go back to last season when he played like crap and everyone wanted to give him a free pass and blame his awful play on the fact that he wasn't surrounded by top-notch players. Poor Brett, everyone else made him throw 29 interceptions because he was feeling frustrated. Trust me, I know there are enough Brett Favre apologists out there that think I might be too hard on him, but ask yourself: Am I too hard, or are you too easy because you are still living in the past?

Now let's move to the present. Let's talk about right now. Recently Brett made a statement that he is waiting to see what the Packers will do in free agency and in the draft before he decides to retire or not because he has to see ¬- the way I read - if it is worth his time and are they doing enough to make him want to play. Well, forgive me, I always thought it was about the love of the game.

The future in my opinion is now and the Packers have a coaching staff that is working their butts off trying to wheel and deal in free agency by re-signing the players that they feel can make them better as well as signing new ones from other teams. I know Mike McCarthy and his staff are trying to prepare for the future, but how can they if they don't know who the quarterback is? Do you think what Brett is doing is fair to the coaches or players because they are his teammates? What about you the fans? How has this saga affected you? When is enough enough? How long does an organization hold on because they don't want to be the bad guy?

Moving on, staying still, free agency, firing a coach, hiring a coach, the draft shouldn't really be determined by one individual should it? I thought everything about football is based on a team concept. When is the train going forward? EVERYTHING DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND BRETT FAVRE, OR DOES IT? I hope not because isn't everyone tired of standing still!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at, and he will forward it to him.

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