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Fans air out their opinions on Packers and lack of moves in free agency

Open your wallet, Ted!
Ted Thompson has done nothing to improve this team. He can tell us all he wants that he's not trying rebuild and that he wants to win now - thats bull!! He has a boatload of money to spend and he's not even talking to any of the major free agents available. He let Flanagan, Longwell and Fisher go! This is not a man trying to play for now. What is he going to do with all the extra money? Save it for next year, so he'll have even more to spend? Who'll want to come and play for a team that wins 3-4 games next year?

In this day and age of Free Agency you need to spend to get better. They only have five draft picks this year. He will probably trade down in the first round to get more picks. This is another mistake. With the fifth pick he can get an absolute stud - Williams, Hawk, Ferguson. If Brett Favre is watching and making his decision on what moves TT is doing to improve this team, well wave goodbye to Brett!!! Spend some of that money Ted!!!

Steve Held, steveheld2003@yahoo.com, Menomonee Falls, WI

Proven players, not up-and-comers get it done
As I see the free agency stating to come to ahead, I don't see any thrilling prospects forthcoming. Rumor has it Walker will be gone, Favre may come back, Longwell is gone. These guys have proven themselves and are quality players. We need players that are proven and not all the "up-and-comers". 4-12 is not good at all. Sure injuries destroyed us last year basically because we only had so so backup players. Salary cap plays a part in it, but look who Dallas has landed. Why can't we do the same? Better yet, why don't we do the same?

Gordon Reynolds, gordonreynolds@sbcglobal.net, Springdale, AR

Linebackers are needed
When are we going to get some real linebackers? Every year we sign a bunch of second and third string guys from other teams and every year our linebacker play is poor. Case in point, Tracy White. He played two years in Seattle and one year in Jacksonville, all as a special teams player. I'm all for getting quality young backups, but how about getting a starter once in a while?

Mark K, shadowman@cox.net

What are the Packers waiting for?
I agree with your article about Favre, but I disagree with your comment on the team busting their butts in free agency. They have done nothing but sign mid-level vets, and our own guys who couldn't get it done last year. If were going with Rodgers at least sign some talent to surround him. Ted must think what he don't spend he can pocket!!!


Still without a kicker
Who are the Packers going to sign now? The two best kickers on the market are gone. Vinaiteri to the Colts; Vanderjagt to the Cowboys. I don't know how anyone else feels but this off-season is not good. We desperately need a kicker and now the best two on the market are gone. What are we going to do? Draft a rookie? It just doesn't seem like Ted Thompson is doing a good job.

Eric Cramer, neon_leon4@yahoo.com, Kalamazoo, MI

Enough with the second-guessing
I can't wait for a new season to start so we can see what the results will be for the Packers management. All these "experts" seconding guessing them leads me to hope that the Pack is successful and these "experts" have to eat crow. I'm just a fan and the only thing I know for certain is that free agency makes players move all around and any team can change drastically in one year. I also know that "time marches on" and Favre will be gone soon and I think he is abusing the fans with his juvenile indecision. I picture him riding his tractor, sucking his thumb, and pondering "do I wanna play anymore?"

Grant Thomas, intewedm@yahoo.com, Brookfield, WI

Sydney lends watercooler support
Thank you, thank you, thank you. That fact you mentioned that many are living in the Brett Favre past should hopefully wake up a few. I would like Favre to come back one more year, but all this drama is getting old. Everything in your article is what I have been saying around the "watercooler" for the last month or so. No one wants to listen to me, so hopefully they will listen to you. It is tough to let go though, in the mid to late '90s I was 30 pounds less with a bit more hair.

Matthew Struble, mstruble@lawsonproducts.com, Naperville, IL

Quarterback or defense?
The big question that I'm dealing with is what the Pack will do in the draft. At first I was sold on Mario Williams. It's so hard to find a dominant defensive end in the NFL today, so there's a premium on defensive ends who are as ridiculously gifted as Williams. At the same time, they have KGB; they re-signed Kampman; and I think people forget about Michael Montgomery, who I think will get better with age. So then I started thinking about A.J. Hawk. I think he's less of a project than Williams and also extremely gifted. Then again, where would he play? Is he solely an outside guy, or is he someone the Pack could move into the middle? The reason I ask is I think the Pack is not best served with Barnett in the middle. If they could get a run-stopping hard-nosed MLB, Barnett could use his speed outside and the defense would be much improved. At the same time, could you pass on a player who could be such a disruptive force on the field like Hawk, a seemingly polished and tough player?

Then there's the QB's. I, like many others, want Favre back. Admittedly I have somewhat selfish reasons, many of which have to do with my respect for him as a player and the admiration I feel towards him. At the same time, if he leaves, I don't think Rodgers is ready for that load. That would leave Rodgers and....oh ya, Rodgers. If Leinart, Young or Cutler fell to the Packers, would they snatch one up? First, I'll get my opinion out of the way. Young is overrated and wouldn't fit the Pack at all. That leaves an unlikely Leinart (I think he'll be gone) or Cutler (who in all estimations has been nothing short of fantastic). Could the Packers pass up either one?

This leaves it up to you. I'm at a loss. I think I'd go defense, though I admittedly am interested in Cutler, but I think defensive need and the talent available on that side of the ball with the 5th pick is much more valuable. Williams or Hawk? No clue. What would you do if you were Thompson? Hypothetically, let's say Leinart, Young, Culter, Williams and Hawk are still available.

James A. Walcheske, Got_James@yahoo.com, Milwaukee, WI

I'd take all five if I could (just kidding). If I were the GM of the Packers and those five were available, I'd select Mario Williams. He's the type of player that could make an impact right away and for many years down the road.

Todd Korth

Packers missed on QB of future
Two years ago I suggested that the Packers should take Matt Schaub out of Virginia as the QB of their future. They could have gotten him relatively cheaply. Now he's a hot commodity. Keep your eyes on Schaub. In a couple years, he'll be a starter somewhere, and a league-leading QB. He's the next Tom Brady.

Ken Parrish, KenParrish53@aol.com, Lynchburg, VA

Good to see Henderson back in fold
Dear Packer Report:
Thank God William Henderson has re-signed. I feel, at least for a little while, that all is right in the world. It was hard when Darren Sharper opted for the Vikings last year, and more difficult when Ryan Longwell vacated this year. Losing Mr. Henderson would have been devastating. Thank you, William, for re-signing, I think all Packer fans appreciate the Pro Bowl caliber level of play you bring year in and year out to this team.

It is my sincere hope that Brett Favre returns this year, and while I respect his need for time to decide, I think the fans deserve an answer. The Packers and Ted Thompson are obviously making quality decisions, and intelligent moves. The new coach, while unproven, appears to be an individual of trust, respect, and winning fortitude. The players and system are starting to form around him to support him in his endeavors. This would be the fifth head coach Brett Favre has played for in his stellar professional career, and there is something about Mike McCarthy that screams to give this guy a chance! While a Super Bowl appearance seems very unlikely this year, a trip to the playoffs is not without possibilities.

Go Pack! Brett, give us all a thrill for at least one more year. Break more records, and lead this team as far as it can go. But most important, have fun with it. It won't be back again!

Jon L. Olson, jolson8990@cs.com, Andover, MN

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