Sydney Speaks! Packers need to wake up!

Former Packers fullback and assistant coach Harry Sydney, like many Packers fans, is up in arms. The Packers have money to spend on free agents this off-season, but have yet to sign a big-name player who will help improve the team. Sydney airs out his thoughts.

With the free agency period at full speed I am looking at what the Packers have done, and I'm not sure they have done everything they can to really improve this team so far. Yes, they have signed several people, but what does that really mean?

If I remember right, the Green Bay Packers went 4-12 last year which means they stunk for most of the year. Which also means that the personnel on this team really needed to be overhauled, but has that really taken place? So far what I have seen is that Ted Thompson, who is known for being very tight with his money, has opened up his wallet for guys that were already here. SO HAVE THEY SPENT MONEY WISELY?

I look at the money that they have spent on the defensive line. They gave Aaron Kampman a ridiculous amount - $12 million in the first year that I believe no other organization would have given him. So ask yourself: Did that signing make the Green Bay Packers any better? All that did was make Kampman a happy player and his agent richer, but did that give them any more sacks, tackles? I don't think so. What about signing Kenny Peterson or Colin Cole? Has the Packers defensive line jumped up and become awesome, or how about better? Don't get me wrong I like Colin Cole, I liked the way he played last year. He showed hustle, strength and power, but he wasn't consistent. The problem is that how come no other team really offered him a better contract than the Packers if he has all that potential and could make them better? The same with Peterson. I don't think they had a bunch of other teams knocking on their doors.

So in reality we are signing back guys that no one else really wanted. True, we did go get Ryan Pickett, a young defensive tackle that's supposed to be a upgrade over Grady Jackson, but then again will he be? It's funny, I don't hear anyone talking like he's some form of missing link that automatically will improve the defense. Maybe I missed that article!!!!!!!!!!!

But they did sign William Henderson back, which is a great move for a lot of reasons. He is still better than 80 percent of the fullbacks in the game, and he adds leadership, work ethic and a winning spirit. He will do everything it takes to win and him being an excellent role model doesn't hurt, either. Did re-signing Henderson improve the team? That I don't know, but for the price they paid to keep this leader, it really don't hurt.

Where are the big-name players out there that could have really improved this team? It's one thing to want to go get players and have no money, but to have the money and not go get anybody is inexcusable. Think of the needs the Packers could have filled in free agency. Look who they could have had if they were willing to spend money on other players from different teams. They could have kept Ryan Longwell, and don't hate him now because we all loved him when he kicked for the Packers. Do you think La Roi Glover could have helped us at defensive tackle? How about Trevor Price at defensive end? Or LeCharles Bentley at center? How about Antwaan Randle El, Andre Davis or Joe Jurevicius as a receiver? OK, maybe the Packers didn't want to pay for any of these guys, but what about Tim Dwight as a punt and kick returner. Think he could help the return game? Do you think that we could use either Charles Woodson, Ty Law or Tyrone Poole at corner? Do you think anyone of these guys are better than Ahmad Carroll? How would LaVar Arrington look in a Green bay Packers uniform?????????????

So with all of these players that were and still are available, how come this team hasn't improved considerably? And why have the Packers put so much importance in the draft to rebuild this team when they got to the Super Bowl by using free agents. Reggie White, Keith Jackson, Eugene Robinson, Desmond Howard, Andre Rison and Santana Dotson were free agents that had major roles that took this team to the big dance let's not forget this. I know every team has different philosophies about how to use money in free agency, but the one thing that really matters is improving whatever you do you must improve. As of yet I'm not sure they have. True, they have spent money, but what has that money done for them? YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE.

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at, and he will forward it to him.

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