Favre still ponders future

Quarterback speaks publicly for first time in more than a month

Brett Favre on Thursday spoke publicly for the first time in more than a month, and said that he is still undecided about whether to return and play football for the Green Bay Packers, or retire.

Favre's $3 million roster bonus deadline is Saturday but both sides are claiming that is not a firm deadline for the Green Bay Packers quarterback to make a decision about his future. The deadline already has been pushed back twice this month.

Favre and Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair donated money to schools in hurricane-ravaged Mississippi.

Favre told reporters that nothing has changed, nor does it appear close to changing any time soon. Favre said he needs more time and wants to see what kind of team coach Mike McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson put together this off-season.

"There are a lot of reasons why I haven't made a decision yet," Favre said. "I know I still love the game."

Asked whether the Packers gave him a firm deadline, Favre said flatly, "That's simply not true. I don't know where that comes from. If I don't make up my mind by Saturday, are they going to cut me? We still have 160 or so days until the opener but there are still things I need to work through, and I still need to see what the team is going to do, if they do certain things. If they don't, I guess I won't be playing."

Favre said he has no doubts that he can still be an effective quarterback.

"I still feel like I can play at a high level and obviously the Packers do too or they wouldn't be concerned about my decision," Favre said. "But there are some things I have to sort out. There are some things I'm looking for in the team and what they're trying to do. I guess if those don't come together I guess I won't play. It's just kind of wait and see."

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