Favre's 'deadline' comes and goes

The so-called Saturday deadline came and went, without Brett Favre announcing whether he'll play for the Green Bay Packers in 2006.

Favre, in Hattiesburg, Miss., as an honorary coach at the spring football game for Southern Mississippi, his alma mater, told The Associated Press: "Everything is still the same. I'm thinking about it."

Favre was due a $3 million roster bonus on Saturday, which in some national media circles was construed as the Packers setting a deadline to force a decision from Favre.

According to Favre's agent, Bus Cook, who also was at Saturday's game, the bonus has been pushed back for a third time, now to April 15.

"There's no deadline," Cook told the Hattiesburg American newspaper. "I don't know where that got started. The deadline will be whenever he decides he's ready."

Favre left the game without saying anything of substance. The next possibility for Favre to make a public declaration concerning his playing future comes at his charity golf tournament, which will be held Thursday through Sunday in Tunica, Miss.

"I don't know what he's going to do," Cook said.

While the Packers haven't set a deadline for Favre, some important dates are approaching. First, the NFL Draft will be held April 29-30. If Favre would decide to retire, that certainly would impact the Packers' draft plans, even though they drafted Aaron Rodgers in the first round last year.

Beyond that, coach Mike McCarthy told the Green Bay Press-Gazette that Favre's mysterious future would only begin hurting the team if it lingers into the post-draft minicamp, generally set for the first or second week of May.

"From a playing standpoint, it hasn't been a hindrance," McCarthy said. "Now, if he's not here for the first minicamp, now he's affecting the team."

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