Is Chmura bitter or credible?

When reading former friend and teammate's criticism of Favre, it's wise to recall his history

Once upon a time, Packers teammates and chums Brett Favre, Mark Chmura and Frank Winters were known as "The Three Amigos." It's safe to say Favre and Chmura are amigos no more.

Chmura, who is a co-host of a Sunday morning program on Milwaukee sports-talk radio station WAUK-AM 1510, called Favre a hypocrite and selfish for making his play-or-retire decision linger well into the off-season.

Chmura's comments can be interpreted in one of two ways. The first way is Chmura's opinions have some credence, considering their longtime friendship.

The second is simply Chmura is a bitter man. In May of 2000, Chmura was arrested for allegedly raping a 17-year-old girl at a post-prom party in suburban Milwaukee. Chmura was found not guilty, though, in the court of public opinion, he was as guilty as can be for being stupid enough to party with high-school girls ... and his playing days were over.

Chmura claims Favre never contacted him through his entire ordeal.

"It was disappointing," Chmura said. "But what did the late, great Martin Luther King say? 'Measure of a man is not where he stands in the time of comfort but in the time of conflict.' You find out what people are made of, what they are all about."

Now, if I'm in Favre's shoes, I wouldn't bother to call Chmura, either. What was Favre supposed to say? "Hey, Chewy, I hear you were in a hot tub with girls the age of my daughters. I'm behind you all the way, buddy."?

Chmura, of course, citing his long friendship with the three-time MVP quarterback, says he's just calling it like he sees it. And reads it.

"When people sit there and read these comments, I'm pretty qualified to read between the lines and tell you what this guy is about," Chmura said. "A lot of athletes are like this. They are selfish. They are all about themselves. I think some of these quotes you are seeing show it."

To back his opinion, Chmura read too much into one quote and dusted off an oldie-but-goodie.

Last week, commenting about the supposed Saturday deadline for him to give the Packers his decision, Favre joked that he wouldn't make a decision by Saturday, then jokingly offered, "What are they going to do, cut me?"

Chmura took that comment literally, and said that showed Favre's out-of-control ego.

Later, Chmura cited Favre's comments from a year ago that he wouldn't serve as first-round draft pick Aaron Rodgers' personal tutor.

"He said something to the effect, 'No. He can learn on his own.' Well, what is that? Like I said, it's OK to think it but you never say that. You don't say that."

Whether or not you want to believe Chmura no doubt will boil down to not only Chmura's legal history, but your feelings about Favre. If this whole retire-or-play debate has left you feeling agitated, you'll side with Chmura. If not, well, here's what Chmura said:

"There are fans out there (who) could find out that Brett Favre could run over 14 puppies and they still wouldn't care. These people would think he was still the greatest thing since sliced bread. But I think there are people out there ... who are kind of on the fence (thinking), 'What is this guy all about?'"

From this vantage point, what Chmura is all about was shown clearly nearly six years ago. Whatever he says must be put in that light.

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