Sydney Speaks! Between a rock and hard place

Harry Sydney, never one to hold back on his thoughts, chimes in on the Brett Favre saga, now in its fourth month. The former Packers fullback and assistant coach explains how Favre's selfishness is affecting the Packers organization in many ways.

Over the last several weeks and months everyone has taken shots at Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson for several reasons. I've had issues with what they have been doing in free agency signing different players to one-year contracts, and not really going after impact players early in the process. But the big issue I have is what they have been allowing Brett Favre to do to this organization.

Every one of us has an opinion. Some think Favre walks on water, and some think he so full of himself that he thinks he's bigger than the Green Bay Packers. Trust me, no player is bigger than the team, not even ‘What are they going to do, cut me?' Brett Favre. He has placed himself above this once proud organization and it deserves better from him. He is bringing the Green Bay Packers to its knees because he is making everything about him.

The effect of all this is just not being felt at 1265 Lombardi, where they are saying all the right things about moving forward. Mike McCarthy is saying all the right things. He is young, but already he's a master of the coach talk. You know what I mean, he's not saying anything that Favre might perceive as an ultimatum because he's no fool. He knows he has a better chance of winning with him opposed to without him. Brett has done nothing but rub the face of all of the fans that have supported him because he has been selfish. What about all the charities that might benefit from him deciding to play or not play? What about those organizations that may have to go another direction for funding and are waiting on pins and needles? What about them?

Back to Thompson and McCarthy. How do they really move forward when they have chains keeping them in one place. Do any of you think Thompson wants to be the guy that's responsible for Brett Favre's departure? HECK NO, but then again what choice does he have? He has a bigger responsibility, and that's to the organization. The Packers will still be here when Brett leaves. Not only that, but even if "Lord Favre" comes back he really has to commit to coming back for two years, or the Packers will be in the same situation next year, and this won't do anyone any good.

Remember McCarthy only has a three-year deal. He can't afford to have to deal with this next year. Think about it, hasn't Favre been a hypocrite? Remember the Jovan Walker problem and Favre saying that he should be in camp because it's about a team not an individual. Isn't he doing the same thing? What do you think this is doing to Aaron Rodgers? If anyone thinks this isn't affecting preparation for the upcoming season, I have some swamp land in Kansas to sell you. The Favre saga is affecting the draft, and has affected, I believe, free agency as well as the image of the Green Bay Packers.

I hate to use the word fair because life isn't fair, but unfortunately Thompson and McCarthy have no chance in the world because they are doing what they thought was right by not putting any deadlines on Brett and Brett has done nothing but take advantage of the situation. In the day of no loyalty, Ted and Mike have showed nothing but it to Brett and at this time what type of loyalty has Brett shown to this organization?

I think that if the Packers wanted to push the button they could have used the date of the bonus as the timeline for a decision on retirement, but they didn't do that because Brett deserved better. As I say that I'm wondering why, because business is business. Players come and they go. Now let's just say he comes back and starts out the season the way he ended it? What happens then? Does McCarthy sit him down and replace him with Rodgers? How much of a distraction would that be? What about the fans? Do they remember what Brett said early in the off-season? Remember when he said he's not sure he wanted the ball in the last two minutes of the game? What happens when he makes that normal bonehead throw into a crowd of three defenders for an interception? How will they respond?

As you can tell what I think Brett Favre is doing goes against everything I believe in. Football is a team sport. Like the old saying, there is NO I IN TEAM. Somewhere along the way I believe Brett forgot about this and, unfortunately, Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson can't really say anything because they allowed themselves to be put BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at, and it will be forwarded to him.

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