Sydney Speaks! Many questions still remain

In his column today, Harry Sydney looks back on some of the questions that the Packers had entering this off-season. Some have been answered but many remain. Sydney gives us his take on the current situation in Green Bay.

Usually at this time of the year most of the questions that needed to be answered have been answered. At the end of the season most coaches and general managers have a wish list of the things that they want to have accomplished which addresses their needs, and they are crossed off one by one by the middle of the off-season. So I'm sitting here wondering how many questions have been answered. Here are the questions I had after the end of the season when Mike McCarthy was hired and now ask yourself if they have been answered!!!!!!!!

Will Brett Favre come back, and if he does, how long will he come back for - one or two years?

How will McCarthy coach Favre? Will he be hard on him and not tolerate bonehead throws and mental mistakes, or will he be a cheerleader like Mike Sherman was and make nothing but excuses for Brett?

Also, how will the Packers deal with the distraction that might happen if Brett prolonged the retirement talk?

As you can see there were a lot of questions that centered around Brett and what he was going to do, but trust me there are so many more questions that needed to be answered. Some were and some weren't.

Questions with answers
The ones that were answered were ones like what were they going to do with Ahman Green? They answered it by signing him to a nice incentive-loaded contract. Also, they signed Ryan Pickett to replace Grady Jackson and Marquand Manuel to replace Mark Roman. Another important question was what were the Packers going to do with the leading scorer in Packer history Ryan Longwell? Were they going to sign him or let him go? Well, we saw what happened as he went across the border and signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Talk about a double kick in the butt. Another question answered. Then it was since we lost him who was going to replace him? They looked at Adam Vinatieri and Mike Vanderjagt, but we all saw what happened – NOTHING - so they signed "Billy the Kid" from Dallas who averaged making roughly 63% of his kicks. I wonder how that would compute to kicking in November or December in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Other questions that I'm sure the coaches had were who was going to start this year at center and at the guards? Mike Flanagan left for Houston and the guards of last year's team really didn't get the job done. Adrian Klemn was a bust at guard. Will Whitticker was very young and seemed to get overwhelmed. Matt O'Dwyer was a mistake. Scott Wells did OK last year filling in but can he be the center the whole year? I'm not sure, so I guess that's another problem that needs to be addressed. If I'm not mistaken, aren't these the same questions that we had last year about this time, but I guess nobody learns. Teams can't win without offensive linemen. Since we are still on the offensive side of the ball, who do we have at the receiver position that the Packers can really count on besides Donald Driver?

Let's go to the defensive side of the ball! I would think the defensive coaches would have had questions about who would be their every-down defensive end across from Aaron Kampman. I say that because he was their big signing so far during this free agency period and the world knows Kabeer can't get it done. He's a liability verses the run because he's not an every-down defensive end. He's a pass rush specialist only. I know their plan A was to hopefully get Mario Williams in the draft, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen, so I hope they have a plan B because this position has been a problem since the Super Bowl years. It hasn't been taken care of and it's about time I think!!!!!!

Now in the secondary I know this staff had to have questions on whether Ahmad Carroll can be a starting corner in the NFL, and I had hoped the answer would have been as obvious to them as it is to me, but I guess not because up to this point they haven't signed anyone of starting caliber to replace him. My question is why not?

Also who's going to play linebacker? I know they still have Nick Barnett and they signed Ben Taylor who's going from a 34 defense to a 43, so there will be some adjustments necessary for him to be as good as he was in Cleveland. But then again who's Ben Taylor and if he was so good might they have signed him for more years than just one?

By the way, who is going to return kickoff's and punts????????? QUESTIONS QUESTIONS AND MORE QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at, and it will be forwarded to him.

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