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Packers fans air out their thoughts on schedule, Favre, Thompson

NFL kicks fans in the shins with NFL Network
Hey Todd,
The NFL has put the Packer-Viking game on the NFL Network late in the season. Meaning that all Wisconsin will be blacked out, except Milwaukee and Green Bay, unless you have the NFL Network. Here in Eau Claire the NFL Network is not an option. We are about 90 miles from the Twin Cities, which means we also have many Viking fans. It is a huge rivalry. How can they do this to fans of these two teams? The biggest rivalry in this part of the state, a game that could have playoff implications, and could possibly be Brett Favre's last home game? The NFL has always been the league for the fans. What a slap to the face.

Charlie Grant, cnhgrant@prodigy.net, Eau Claire, WI

Chmura's on the mark
Some may dismiss Mark Chmura's recent comments concerning Brett Favre as sour grapes, but the fact of the matter is, Chmura is right at least about two things:

1) Favre IS being hypocritical by holding out and putting himself above the team after calling Javon Walker out the way he did. And...

2) The quote, "What are they going to do, cut me?" is about as selfish and arrogant as it gets. He obviously thinks HE'S in charge and running things, and that Thompson hasn't got the guts to cut him. Well frankly, I think that's EXACTLY what the Packers should do, cut his arrogant rear end and move on. He's hamstrung the Packers long enough. They can't do certain things in free agency and the draft until they know what HE'S going to do.

Who pays a guy $10 million to lead the league in interceptions, anyway? Only one team in the history of the NFL.

Ken Parrish, KenParrish53@aol.com, Lynchburg, VA

Chmura right about Favre's selfishness
I recently read some remarks that former Packer Chmura made about Brett Favre's holdout. Chmura feels that Favre is being selfish and very unfair to his fans and his teammates right now.

I think Chmura may be right. As great as Favre was and still is, if he keeps this up, he's going to have even his most die-hard admirers happy to see him go! Doesn't he realize this? Is that the way he wants to leave the Packers and his fans?

Fred Mueller, fredanddeb@citlink.net, Kingman, AZ

Sydney underestimating Hawk's ability
I enjoy reading Harry's articles on Packer Report.com and usually agree with him.

I think he has severely underestimated A.J. Hawk's ability and potential impact on the Packers, saying he was not worthy of the No. 5 overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft (March 31 post).

I am a lifelong Packers fan and an Ohio State Buckeye Fan. I have watched Hawk play for the past four years. Having read Mr. Sydney's post, I wonder if he has watched any film on Hawk at all. With all due respect to Nick Barnett, barring injury, I urge Mr. Sydney to look back in 10 years and see which of the two had a better career. I'm betting on Hawk. This guy is an impact football player. He is always around the ball. Hawk is in the top five of virtually every draft list in the country. When the Packers took Barnett with their 20-something pick a few years ago it was considered a stretch by most observers. The good news is that Harry is writing a column, not making draft decisions.

I'm sure that this sounds like I have my Scarlet and Gray glasses on, but this guy is for real. Packer Nation should hope that the Packers get A.J. Hawk. Mark my words, they won't be sorry if they do.

Rick, rlentz1845@sbcglobal.net, Ohio

Favre's a hypocrite
I am 45 years old and barely remember the first two Super Bowls, but know that's when I became a Packer fan. I do, however, have a vivid memory of the times leading up to the Brett Favre era. I have a rec room dedicated to the Pack. I have a lifesize Brett, and even named one of my dogs, "Brett." I do not miss a minute of any game and get out to Green Bay every year. I took my son for his 21st birthday this year to the Cleveland game just so he can always say he saw Favre play.

But enough is enough. Favre should state his intentions. Wasn't he the one who called Javon Walker selfish last year? He is tarnishing his image with this stance. If he wants out he should just say it, so we can trade him to a contender (see Baltimore) and get to rebuilding. If he wants to retire, same thing. If he wants to play for Green Bay he should say so and play. I am tired of this game and am losing respect for him as a person. He is now holding the Pack hostage and is becoming just another self-serving me first athlete.

Gino Lucia, gbgino@sbcglobal.net, Windsor, CT

Quit hating on Thompson
Hey Todd, how are things:
Reading your letters from the fans articles and I am finding that a lot of fans are upset that we haven't made a big splash on the free agent market. Do fans want us to be the Washington Redskins. Remember the salary cap hell they were in a few years ago? The Vikings with all their signings will be in salary cap hell also. Heck, they can't even draft, they go for our players. Remember the Packers are installing a new system on offense ala Broncos and Falcons (the Alex Gibb system) could one of you really tell me which one of these aforementioned teams has an offensive line as a superstar? It's all in the system, and it's a wonderful one. How many 1000 yards rusher have the Broncos had. That's right, too many to count! Everyone thought that Warrick Dunn was done, and look at him in the system he is in.

Give Thompson a chance. I think Thompson is waiting for LaVar Arrington to drop his asking price, that no one is willing to pay. I would like to know when Favre is coming back, he does need to make a decision and fast, especially now that JP Losman has become available, and we can dictate the team's direction. Be patient Packer fans, Thompson will take us there.

Louie, LouieM007@aol.com, Coral Gables, FL

Is Favre an asset or liability to Packers?
Todd or Sydney,
As we wait patiently for Brett Favre to make a decision, it seems others in the sports world are making a joke of the Green Bay Packers. I heard one sports announcer state, "all Green Bay has to do is to give Brett the title of GM as he is in control of the Packer organization." As much as I like Favre and what he has accomplished for the Packer organization, I am having difficulty understanding why he is holding the team hostage?

Am I wrong, didn't Brett have something to do with the underachieving Packers last year? Or were the interceptions the responsibility of the receivers? Brett didn't change to adjust for the injuries and circumstances the team faced last year. Didn't he make the comment it wasn't his job to assist Aaron Rodgers in any way to play quarterback? For all Brett has done it seems to me he has become arrogant and forgets what it takes to be a leader within the organization. I was always under the impression "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." Frankly, I believe he threw in the towel. Brett now is saying he is waiting for management and what they are doing to build a winner. He says he still has the ability to play at a high level in the NFL and still has the desire. Come on, Brett, let's show the football world. Let's walk the talk or else give it up. You are fast becoming a liability to the organization. You have been given more than enough time to make a decision on whether or not to play.

Joe Klimoski (fan for 50 years), boopa9@MSN.com, Chandler, AZ

Ease up on Ted Thompson!
Hello Mr. Korth,
I wish everyone would get off TT's back! We have been experiencing some great seasons the last 12 years, so what is everyone whining about? Give TT a chance because I sure don't have any experience in drafting NFL players and I don't think anyone else out there does either.

Seattle is reaping the rewards of his drafting as will the Packers if everyone would just be patient. Personally, I think that TT is using good common sense as far as free agency goes. Just look at the money Mike Sherman spent on bonafide busts and our team reaped the reward of a 4-12 season. I can just hear everyone next year if TT signs some big name player and he gets hurt or plays poorly!

I am a huge LenDale White fan and he would sure add some excitement to the Packer offense. If Brett Favre retires and Aaron Rodgers inherits the starting job, a running game with someone like a LenDale White would take a lot of pressure off him. Just look at the Detroit Lions as an example. Joey Harrington folded under the pressure of having to be Mr. Perfect without a running game.

Ann C., anndeerfield@hotmail.com, Escanaba, MI

Packers should move on without Favre
If the statements Favre made recently are any indication of his real attitude, they seem very self-serving and immature. Every player wants to win, but how many say if they can't they want to go home? And his statement about letting his legacy speak for itself seems to ignore the fact that he was at his best when other great players were on the field with him. Cunningham looked great passing to Randy Moss! As far as I'm concerned, if this would be his last year anyhow, let's get on with it and start rebuilding at QB as well as the rest of the team this year. The future is tomorrow!

Don't get me wrong. I loved the years of Lombardi, Starr, and company. I hated the long drought. I loved the past 16 years for the most part, but time marches on and we will have to go through the process of rebuilding management, coaches, and players. All the "experts" blowing smoke about how much they know should get behind the team and offer encouragement and no criticism before they snap the ball for the first time. How many of your critical letter writers are making $1 million per year in football? Nada!

Grant Thomas, intewedm@yahoo.com, Brookfield, WI

Favre should stay another year!
The Packers should start Aaron Rodgers and use Favre as a backup. That way if the first-rounder goes down, we have a quality backup. Do you agree with me?

Vin, vinayrao1@yahoo.com, Joliet, IL

Sick and tired of Favre's tactics
Either Brett Favre wants to play football or not. Decide you spoiled brat!

In an interview reported by Sports Illustrated, Favre says he wants to play again but he'll return only if the Packers can assemble a winning team. "If we can't compete at a high level, I can walk away and my legacy will speak for itself."

This statement sounds familiar: "I'll play only if they renegotiate my contract," Javon Walker. 'I'll play only if they throw me the ball more, show me some respect, and by the way, renegotiate my contract," T.O. Favre is no better than Walker, T.O., and dozens of other punks in the NFL who use extortion to get their way. Favre is holding the Packers and the fans hostage. Maybe someone should explain to Favre that we were Packer fans long before he came to Green Bay and will be Packer fans long after he has left. Oh, I forgot, in his mind he IS the Green Bay Packers.

Brett you have done a great job over the years of manipulating the press, acting holier than thou, and making yourself bigger than the game and the Green Bay Packers, but your time is up. Do us and your rapidly tarnishing legacy a favor, RETIRE. LEAVE NOW!

David Zimmerman, allzimmys@comcast.net, Carlisle, PA

Young worth taking if Mario Williams is off board
I agree with you, if Mario is gone we need Vince, whether Favre comes back or not. My question though is he just a shotgun QB? I have never seen him play, but have read this somewhere.

Don, dbuckman@mchsi.com, Camanche, Iowa

Sydney makes some good points
I found Harry's draft analysis (March 31) VERY interesting, especially the Vince Young talk. Not hearing much about the Packers and Young, but I really have no argument against it other than Rodgers. If Favre comes back I would assume if we want Young we unload Rodgers for some more picks or something. I could see it happening but not likely. I think Williams is the man if he is there then after that all bets are off. Could be Hawk or Cutler, or even Young if he is there or more likely a trade down (for what?).

The one guy Harry did not mention that I am starting to hear more and more about as regards the Packers is D'Brickashaw Ferguson. If he is there, do you turn him down? He could be an o-line anchor for years and we move Tauscher over to guard. What was pretty clear only a short month ago (Williams) is now clear as mud. This is going to be fun.

Jeff Dummer, jdpackfan2003@yahoo.com, Lincoln, Neb.

How about showing Packers some support?
Like most people, I have plenty of opinions. Reading the feedback from many of your readers (March 31) I am amused. So many people don't agree with Thompson's approach and think he should be fired, spend more money, baby Favre some more, etc. Personally, I wish the Packers would have done a little more with free agency because it made sense to me with the available cap room, but who am I. Well, I am just a Finance Manager for a distribution company and I am curious how much NFL GM experience all the complainers out there have? Do these experts understand the business of the game and that you have to remove personal feelings about your favorite players to see the forest through the trees? Do these experts realize the decisions made 2 and 3 years ago are hurting the Packers today? Do theses experts realize TT has had only 1 year with the Packers and that was trying to turn around the bad situation that was handed to him, plus throw on some major injuries and here we are today. Do the experts realize TT has spent his adult life in the NFL in one capacity or another? Change is going to happen if you like it or not, so I guess you can sit and complain, or you can support your team through thick and thin (thin being if you don't agree with the direction). People who complain when a team is not doing what you want are called Cowboy fans.

Matthew Struble, matthew.struble@sbcglobal.net, Naperville, IL

Some Packers fans are acting like spoiled brats
I'm really irritated about all the complaining and whining people are doing about our team. Good Lord! I see the Spoiled Brat Syndrome is still alive, and growing like crazy! It's really embarassing! I didn't think Pack Fans were "fair weather" fans! I know I'm not one of them!

Someone asked the question "Does Thompson know what he's doing?" Well, I'm sure he does! Unless you are behind the scenes, you really don't know what is happening in our Packers organization. You should all just cut the whining and wait and see what is going to unfold! Just because you don't "see" it all right now doesn't mean we are dead in the water. C'mon!

Just because "big name" FA's haven't been signed doesn't mean ****! What is the matter with all of you "gloom and doom" people?

Yes, I understand that we all want the same thing, a winning team, but all of this complaining and crying "the sky is falling" is just plain ridiculous.

YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES!!! Let 'em do their jobs and give them a chance to prove themselves worthy of either praise or complaints. We haven't seen anything yet. Why? BECAUSE THE DRAFT HASN'T HAPPENED YET, THE 53 MAN ROSTER IS NOT SET AND THE SEASON HASN'T STARTED YET!!

Patience is a virtue, whining is not. All of the whiners and complainers are suffering from two things: SPOILED BRAT Syndrome and FEAR of the unknown. Give it a rest already. Just love and support our team, no matter what.

I can remember a certain Packers game where some unknown, never-proven-himself in the NFL kid wearing a Packers jersey bearing the No. 4 was put into the game. He was not a "big name" then, but now everyone knows his name! I also remember the whining and complaining that went on regarding him back then. Many have since then choked on those words. Jeez people, lay off, would ya?

All of you whiners are making Packers fans look weak and it's really humiliating. CUT IT OUT!!!

Brenda, packfan4lyf@hotmail.com, Salem, OR

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