Favre: 'No change'

Quarterback still undecided about his football future

With the football world on the edge of its seat speculating an announcement on his football career, Brett Favre today said that he has yet to decide if he'll continue to play for the Green Bay Packers, or retire.

A hoard of media gathered for a press conference at Favre's annual charity golf tournament in Tunica, Miss., in anticipation of Favre's long-awaited decision. But the veteran quarterback says he still needs more time to think about what he wants to do.

"No change," Favre told reporters. "I don't know why you guys wasted a trip down here. The Packers and I will make a decision here at some point soon. I promise you, we'll let you know."

As Associated Press report on Friday indicated that Favre would announce his decision this morning. A spokeswoman for Favre also hinted this week that he may make an announcement. But Favre, who arrived at the press conference an hour after it was scheduled to begin, said he's not sure when he'll decide.

"It could come at anytime, but I think people obviously take these comments and turn them around," Favre said. "If I say it may be a couple days or a couple weeks, they take it as if it will be today in a couple of minutes. That's not the case. I know people are getting impatient, but enjoy baseball right now. It just started up. Enjoy it and it will work itself out."

Favre said he may decide in a few days, or it may take a few more months. Favre has played the last 14 seasons with Green Bay and 15 NFL seasons overall.

"When I do know, and I told (the Packers) I would tell them as soon as possible, maybe within the next week, because it has been a strain on the family as well," Favre said. "People who are close to me have been a little frustrated. Bus (Cook) probably could vouch for that. He's like, 'Hey, make a decision and live with it.'

Favre said he realizes that Packers fans are getting impatient, but he asked that they bear with him.

"I know they get anxious for the season to start every year," Favre said. "I hear it all the time, 'We can't wait for the season to start' and it's February. I know they can't wait for a decision but we have time. There is life aside from what my decision is and the off-season. The fans have always been great to me. I love the City of Green Bay. It's been a wonderful place to play, but there are other things to do and focus on right now. I say, 'Do that.' That's what I'm trying to do right now, but I also want to make the right decision. I have other things on my plate as well."

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