No 'splash,' no decision

Favre hasn't been impressed with additions on offense

Over the latter part of his career, Brett Favre has become a master of saying a lot, but not really saying anything. You know what I mean, right? Kind of like coachspeak. Whenever the quarterback addresses questions from the media, he'll go on and on without giving a definitive answer to a question.

This morning when media across the nation tuned in, or flocked to Tunica, Miss., to see if Favre would finally make the decision on his football career, he gave a definitive answer – "No change." That's progress, but we've been hearing this for the past three-plus months. During the short press conference, he basically said he doesn't know what he wants to do yet. However, he did reveal that he wants to see what kind of team Packers general manager Ted Thompson plans to assemble this off-season. And thus far, Favre hasn't been impressed enough to commit for another season, though, his love to play the game is as strong as ever.

Many Packers fans have been upset this off-season that Green Bay has yet to make a "splash" in free agency. Favre is not happy, either, and that is likely the reason why he has been hesitant to commit to another season.

Though the season is still five months away, the Packers are in a rebuilding mode and will not be in contention for a Super Bowl berth next season. Heck, they probably won't be in contention for a playoff berth. Count Favre as one of those who feel the Packers haven't done enough in free agency to advance to Super Bowl XLI in Miami.

"I want to feel like we can compete for the Super Bowl, and not just say that to say it because people want to hear it," Favre said. "I don't want the coaches say that, and I don't want to say it unless we really believe that we can compete to get to the Super Bowl. That's kind of my stance right now.

"From what I understand, they signed a couple of guys. I don't know if we're better or not. As I sit here before you, I'd like to say we are better, but I don't know if we are. But I'm not the GM, I'm not the coach. I don't make those decisions, never asked to. I know when we signed Reggie White, we knew we were going to be better right away. I think people associated with the Packers said, 'Now there's a signing that will make us better.' I think we have to make a statement again. You have to stay up with the NFL and teams are making statements. Sometimes you hit on them, sometimes you don't, but I think we have to do that."

The only unrestricted free agent the Packers have signed on offense, thus far, is wide receiver Marc Boerigter, a reserve with the Kansas City Chiefs last year who caught a total of eight passes. That hardly represents progress on offense, and a guy who can fill the void if Javon Walker indeed sits out this season.

Favre's decision probably has been further clouded by the uncertainty around the offensive line. Green Bay lost veteran center Mike Flanagan to free agency. At this point, the interior of Green Bay's offensive line is in no better shape than it was last year at this time. Plus, the line will be learning a new blocking scheme, which won't happen overnight.

In all likelihood, Favre is waiting to see if the Packers are going to make any major additions to the offense this off-season. But, as he said, the free agency ship has more or less passed, and the NFL draft usually does not provide players who can provide an instant impact.

"I guess ultimately it comes down to whether or not you want to play and run the risk of being 4-12 again," Favre said. "There's always that risk as there is with us being 12-4, but I would probably be more surprised if we were 12-4. I know anything can happen. I never thought we would go 4-12 in my tenure here in Green Bay, but we did. Nothing surprises me anymore. That's something I have to live with, and if I'm willing to go through that again. That's one of the options I'm weighing right now because I know the free agency market is just about closed, I think."

More like the door has been slammed shut, especially for players on offense. So what did Favre really say today? He said unless the Packers do something that grabs his attention, he'll retire from football.

Todd Korth

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