Gilbert Brown Q&A

Ex-nose tackle addresses a few other Packers-related topics

Here are a few of Gilbert Brown's thoughts on other Packers related topics. He met with reporters at the team's annual Fan Fest in early March:

On Javon Walker ripping Packers, Brett Favre:
Some reasons are different than others, but it's no way to do it like that. It's about being a professional. You've got to find a professional way of doing it. Blasting your quarterback, a guy that's proven … Javon's a young guy. I'm not taking nothing away from his ability, but he's got to realize that he's a young guy.

On if he feels the organization could regress to the way it was prior to when he arrived in 1993:
I guess it all starts upstairs and trickles down. There's a perception that they want to keep their guys. There's a perception about bringing in new players and guys you can rely on. It's starts upstairs and trickles down.

On Aaron Kampman:
Aaron, I think, is not a flashy player. He's a guy who is going to go in and get the job done. I like Aaron because Aaron is going to put it down. He's not the kind of guy where you paid that money to this guy and now you hope he's gonna produce. Aaron's the type of guy who is going to do it. I give that to him. I give that type of respect to him.

On if he feels his football career is over:
I think if I can get on somebody's team, I think I can be a great fit for them. I just want to get out there and play. I'd love to do it here. I always tell myself, from tackle to tackle ain't nobody that can mess with me.

On if his love of Green Bay has kept him from moving on:
I think if I can get a definite 'no' out of somebody (with Packers) or a definite 'yes,' I would. Hopefully I can get a few things lined up this summer and go out and play. I just have to prove that I can come back.

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