It's bonus rollback No. 4 for Favre

It won't end the speculation, but it should help. The Green Bay Packers on Friday moved back Brett Favre's roster bonus to July 27, thus moving the artificial "deadline" for Favre to make a decision regarding his future to just about the time training camp kicks off.

Of course, the Packers - and Favre - hope a decision is made long before then, especially with the NFL draft coming up in two weeks and the post-draft minicamp starting a couple weeks after that.

It's the fourth time the Packers have moved back the date of the bonus. Originally due on March 22, the $3 million bonus was supposed to kick in on Saturday.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Favre would receive the bonus on Dec. 1, provided he is on the team. If he retires or is traded, the Packers owe him nothing.

The bonus date, along with the failed hope it would spur Favre to make a decision sooner rather than later, is more an accounting measure than anything, since the bonus would count toward the salary cap, regardless of when it's actually paid.

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