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Fans sound off on the Green Bay Packers

What are the Packers thinking!
So much for solving the Javon Walker issue. The trade of draft picks between the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers made things a whole lot tougher for the Green Bay Packers. Prior to yesterday's trade, Ted Thompson could have traded Javon to Denver (who has inquired about him) for one of their two first round picks, and in the process, solved a LOT of problems. The Packers not only could have relieved themselves of several huge locker-room issues by trading away Javon, but they ALSO could have ended up with TWO first round draft picks that could have been used on OLB A.J. Hawk and an offensive lineman!

It is SO frustrating just sitting back and watching NO activity come from the Packers' front office! I really hope that Ted has something spectacular up his sleeve in free agency or on draft day, or the Packers will be doomed for several years to come!

Jaime Moore, moorejs@uwec.edu, Eau Claire, WI

Busts or All-Pros?
The top five in this years draft could become All-pros and pro-bowlers or become busts and overrated jerks.

1. Reggie Bush - He could become a great L.T. or a Walter Payton. Or, he could become a Blair Thomas or a Ki-Jana Carter.

2. Matt Leinart - He could become a great Peyton Manning. Or, He could end up as a bust like Ryan Leaf.

3. Vince Young - He could become a Steve McNair. Or, he could become a bust like Akili Smith.

4. D'Brickashaw Ferguson - The best OT could become a terrific Tony Boselli. Or, he could end up like a horrible Tony Mandarich.

5. A.J. Hawk - He could become a terrifying Ray Lewis or he could become a disappointing Brian Bosworth.

Disagree with me? That's what they said when they drafted these players.

Vin, vinayrao1@yahoo.com, Joliet, IL

Give Favre a little more time
I say we look for a decision from Brett after the draft. I think he is earnestly looking for help on the O-line. So rather than Super Mario, he may be more pleased with D'Brickashaw.. or perhaps Mario w/the next draft choice to a guard/lineman. If the Pack does not bolster the O-line, then if I were Brett, I am not sure I would want a season similar to Patrick Ramsey's first one in Washington that was filled with lookout blocks and pain from repeated sacks. Maybe this in conjunction w/a trade of Javon for a need.

Gregg Petersen, Sig29@aol.com, native of Fort Atkinson, WI now living in Columbia, MD

On another note
More startling news: the whole purpose of sport (aka: games) is to be competitive, meaning YOUR team has at least a CHANCE to win.

The whole key to that is keeping talent, using what you have, bringing in still more, and so on.

Brett Favre was not derived from a Packer draft, but the key, high quality linemen Thompson recently DUMPED were.

"Overpaid" is a horrible insult, and way out of the realm of polite conversation. Football is "show biz", and if half a billion people were willing to watch, say, schoolteachers, they'd make the same kind of money.

Tell you what, though, a guy who makes a living dumping quality talent is overpaid, even if he makes 50 cents an hour.

Again, we need to know Thompson's motivations, and help him find someone else to destroy.

And NO, he is not related to me, thank you very much.

Jim Thompson mg34@earthlink.net, La Crosse, WI

Time to fish or cut bait
Packer Report,
I started to send this Email a month ago and then thought I'd wait, surely there would be a resolution. Now, after repeated delays, I'm fed up (as I'm sure thousands of Packers fans are)! First, I'm not a "Johnny-come-lately" Packers fan. As a youth sitting three feet in front of the TV screen in our southwestern Wisconsin home, I watched Bart Starr sneak in for the winning TD of the Ice Bowl. I've been a Packers fan in good times and bad. What has me ticked off is the continued arrogance exhibited by Brett Favre in holding the Packers (a team that rescued him from obscurity) hostage as to whether he will play or not. To use an old cliche' "THERE IS NO "I" IN TEAM". Now, the indication is he won't make up his mind until after the draft. This is ludicrous - first of Favre to think he is "indispensable", and second, of the team to perpetually stall awaiting a Prima Donna (yes, I'm sorry to say, a term I never thought I'd associate with Brett Favre) decision. If Favre had the good of the Packers in mind, his decision would have been made months ago.

The Packers could have gone into free agency and the draft looking at the year(s) ahead with a clear picture of the quarterback situation. Yes, I've enjoyed watching Brett when he's had his "good" games but at the same time I've lived every game wondering when he would make his next poor decision (interception). For Favre to intimate that last year's 4-12 record was due to the talent around him and not look at his own 29 "game changing" decisions is extremely short- sighted. Nothing is more disheartening to a team than turnovers - "...same old Brett." I realize Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy have to be diplomatic in their comments since Brett is a huge fan favorite and TV ratings draw, but at some point soon, Ted, Mike or Brett, for the good of the TEAM, (to use terminology well known in Mississippi), you need to "fish or cut bait!!!" The PACKERS will be a competitive TEAM with or without Brett!

Randy Snorek, resnorek@peoplepc.com, Chattanooga, TN

Let's try to be more optimisitic
Mr. Sydney,
Thank you for writing the Plenty of Positives article. I appreciate that you took the time to shine some light on the promising factors of this Packers organization. I agree completely with you in this article. Many players have to prove themselves, whether it be for the first time or a second chance. I feel that players like Ahman Green, who has work ethic, will come to the table. Being an optimistic type, I feel that these players will step up and create a buzz in Green Bay.

Now I know an outstanding record for the upcoming season would be out of line to predict, especially considering all the bashing NFL experts are dishing out, but my attitude has always been that anything can happen. Plus, I feel it's better to have hope and to support your team, such as the Packers, rather than cut them down. I mean, if the Packers have a repeat of 4-12, the believers and the non-believers that are Packers fans are both going to be disappointed. If the Packers blow up and have some sort of success, whether that be .500 or playoff berth, everyone is going to be ecstatic.

I understand that many want what's best for the organization but many also think that it's easy to just sign one big player after the other. Now I'm young so you can say I don't know what I'm talking about because maybe I don't. Maybe I'm blinded by my optimism, blocking my view from what's really going on up there in Green Bay. But as far as I can see, there's only one direction: up. So whatever happens, happens regardless. With a couple opportunities left to make a change in this organization, magic could occur for this team. But whatever transition Ted makes before the season begins, whether its Arrington or Woodson, and whatever players he drafts on the 29 and 30, the team will still have to play (note: with or without Brett, as well). Right now we are the underdogs, so the Pack has to huddle up and fight. So on September 10, it's time to get mean.

Chad, dmbquality8942, Germantown, WI

Trade for Lions wide receiver
OK, this might be a shot in the dark and I'm sure many people may criticize this but, oh well. The rumor is Charles Rogers is going to be on the trading block come draft day. Well I'm gonna be honest here, I don't think Walker will ever play for us again so why not start looking for someone else?

Rogers is supposed to come relatively cheap so why not pick him up? We still need help at receiver. I know this is far-fetched, but it sounds pretty good to me. Once Rogers is acquired let Walker, well ... Walk. He doesn't want to play so let's get something out of a trade for him. Also give Thompson a chance people. I'm sure he has a plan and whatever happens with Favre happens and even if Favre comes back we still should acquire a quality backup.

Lanny, lil_drew88_06@yahoo.com, Leola, S.D.

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