Giant disappointment: Arrington goes to N.Y.

When it comes to attracting the big fish, the Green Bay Packers don't have the right lures in the tackle box. Standout linebacker LaVar Arrington reportedly has told the Packers thanks but no thanks, and apparently will sign with the New York Giants.

"The talks are still heated, and obviously when you continue to talk there's a possibility," Arrington's agent, Carl Poston, told the New York Daily News. "But in this business, you don't know if you're on the 5-yard line or the 50. One play could put you in the end zone."

Arrington had been seeking a seven-year deal worth $54 million. With no team willing to pay that price and the draft coming, which could plug teams' holes at linebacker, Arrington lowered his demands.

"We're making adjustments," Poston said. "He's trying to decide what he wants."

Arrington took a physical with the Giants on Thursday.

The Packers, Giants, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars were the front-runners in the Arrington derby, with talks with the Jaguars and Dolphins "kind of falling off" in recent days, Poston said.

That means the Packers likely were in the running to the end. It's not certain if their contract offer was comparable with the that of the Giants.

When Arrington visited Green Bay, he said he planned on talking to Brett Favre to see if the quarterback was leaning toward returning in 2006. With Favre undecided and the Packers looking like they won't be contenders, Arrington chose the Giants, who could be Super Bowl contenders if Eli Manning continues his progression.

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