No ring, no problem, Glenn says

The New England Patriots recently received their rings for winning Super Bowl XXXVI against the St. Louis Rams, but wide receiver Terry Glenn was left off the list of ring recipients. Glenn missed the majority of last season because of injuries and suspensions, which led to the Patriots trading him to the Green Bay Packers in March.<p>

The word "TEAM" is engraved on a lower chevron of the ring. The Patriots, apparently do not feel that Glenn is a team player. While it is possible that the Patriots will mail the ring to Glenn, the wide receiver does not seem frustrated that he was left off the list.

Glenn was suspended on three different occasions in 2001. With the suspensions and injuries, Glenn was limited to four games and one start in 2001. He finished with 14 catches for 201 yards.

"It they gave it to me it would be OK," said Glenn about the ring. "Then I think to myself, what would I do with it if I had it because I don't feel I deserve it. In the sense that I didn't play in that game (Super Bowl XXXVI). If you don't play in that game and get a ring, what really is it?"

After practicing in two minicamps, Glenn is "very optimistic" about the Packers' chances of winning a Super Bowl this season.

"We should do pretty good," he said. "I'm looking for this team to go pretty far. I don't think anybody on this team will take anything less."

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