Packers collectibles

Older Green Bay Packers photographs are very desirable. They range in size from a few inches to several feet long. Many of the early photographs are very valuable and difficult to find. The photographs from the 1920s to 1950s are usually black and white.<p>

Otto Stiller took most of the early Packers photographs. Current photos of players and coaches are easier to obtain. An autograph can add significant value to a photo.

Photographs range in value from a few dollars for newer prints to over $100 for older rare and more desirable photos. New copies of an old photograph have much less value than an original. Old negatives also have value depending on their age and condition.

Helpful hints: Fading, tears, holes, stains and cracks detract from a photograph's value.

What to look for: Original photos in good condition bring premium prices. Deciding if you want to display a photo can be difficult. Framing paper items can be very expensive!

Most expensive photograph I've seen recently: A large two-foot by three-foot photo of Lambeau Field (1957) in good condition. It's valued at $300.

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