What they're saying about Favre

Comments from others on quarterback's decision to return

Here is a sample of quotes from various sources on Brett Favre's decision Tuesday to return to the Green Bay Packers for the 2006 season:

Former Packers coach Mike Sherman:
"I've read in the media that people were frustrated with the length of time it took Brett to come to this decision. Last I checked, he hasn't missed any preseason practices or games yet in the 2006 season. Personally, I applaud the fact he gave this decision due diligence. I'm sure his intent was to validate to himself that by coming back he was doing the right thing for himself, his family, the Packers and the fans. I'm sure he wanted to make with total certainty a commitment to the team physically, mentally, and emotionally. How can you question that process? It was obvious to me in a recent conversation we had that he put his heart and soul into this decision. He wouldn't have decided to come back if he wasn't totally confident in his commitment and his future contribution to the Packers."

"This decision is a good one for Brett Favre because he loves to play the game of football and definitely still can play at a high level. It's a good one for Packer fans because they get to see a future Hall of Fame QB throw touchdown passes on Lambeau Field for at least another season. It's good one for the NFL because he represents a lot of what is good about this league and the game of football."

Packers president Bob Harlan:
"He's such a great competitor and leader. It will be a huge loss for the entire NFL when he leaves, and we're just delighted he's coming back."

Packers defensive end Aaron Kampman:
"Brett said during last season that he thought he would be done and at other times he said he thought he'd keep going. He's the only one who can make that decision and personally I'm glad he made it the way he did."

Former Packers general manager Ron Wolf:
"I think it's probably a good thing for the Packers that he's coming back. I would sure think you'd rather have him than somebody else. I mean, look at these other teams struggling at that position, and now they've got the key position in the game resolved. That should really help them."

Packers defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila:
"I was excited. The questions are over. A lot of people would ask me, 'Do you know when Brett is coming back?' I said, 'I guarantee when Brett does come back, you're going to find out before me.' I found out through my babysitter. I'm excited. I'm happy it's over. I'm glad is going to be with us another year."

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy:
"I always felt he was going to play. A lot of days I had my doubts, but I always thought it would come to this conclusion. I have no experience in this area, so I didn't know for sure. But I think he finally got to a level of comfort where he could say he was coming back."

Favre's mother, Bonita Favre:
"Well, he called me yesterday (Tuesday) morning and said, 'Mom, I called the Packers and told them I was going to play again.' My reaction is I'm glad he's playing, but it's probably selfish because I enjoy watching him play so much even if he is my son. He's entertaining, fun to watch, You never know what he's gonna do."

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