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Fans comment on Favre's return, Woodson and upcoming draft

Reporters are too negative about Packers
For many years I have subscribed to the Packer Report to keep me informed on my favorite team. I was extremely excited about the move to update the publication and looked forward to checking the web every day to keep me updated on the happenings of the Green Bay Packers here in Indiana. I looked optimistically on the beginning of the 2005 season and was disappointed like the rest of the Packer fans. Through it all I was impressed by the way the team stuck together despite an ugly situation.

I have been a high school football coach for a over a decade and grew up in a football oriented household, where my father coached football for 30 years. Basically I love the game and I thought that the criticism of coach Mike Sherman and the Packer organization was unjust. The injuries that the Packers suffered was just plain insurmountable by any organization's standards. The team, undaunted by the circumstances, fought for their coach and teammates and with the exception of the Ravens game had chances to win almost every game. Article after article this post-season has been about how the Packers haven't done anything to fix a 4-12 team. Surely you guys in the media are smart enough to know that it would be irresponsible of the Packers to go out after every big name free agent on the market.

Seriously how many of these so called big-name free-agents make a major impact on a team? I know Reggie White did, but for every Reggie White there are a half-dozen Joe Johnsons. I don't look at this upcoming season as a rebuilding year. The Packers have definitely upgraded their secondary in the off-season and have the No. 5 pick (hopefully A.J. Hawk) that could give the defense a huge boost.

Only a true numskull would doubt the ability of Brett Favre to the organization. For the life of me I don't understand why people would suggest a trade of Brett Favre. Rogers will get his time when and not until one of the greatest ever to play the position hangs it up. With Favre in there at QB the Pack still is a playoff contender (maybe beyond). Look at all the players on offense that the Pack will get back this year that were injured (especially in the backfield). Whether the Pack trades Walker or he comes back is an instant upgrade from last year either way since he only played one game. I am a proud Packer fan and I won't let you writers or bandwagon fans bring me down! My hope is that the Packers will make the playoffs again exposing all the negative reporting as poor journalism. Go Pack!

Brad Urban, midlineurban@yahoo.com, Monticello, IN

Defense obviously a priority this off-season
It seems as though Ted Thompson is building up his defense ahead of time in order to prepare for Aaron Rodgers to take over. Is Green Bay turning into the Baltimore Ravens of a few years ago? I can definitely see the Packers defense playing the same role that the Ravens defense did when they won their Super Bowl. Obviously the Packers are a long way away from that level of play, but it gives us something to be optomistic about, especially if Brett Favre gets hurt, as well as looking ahead to the 2007 season.

The starting defense for next season assuming the Packers select A.J. Hawk doesn't look too bad. I could be wrong, just trying to stay optimistic. Regardless, if the offense struggles behind either Favre or Rodgers this season, they still have a good chance of pulling something out. After all, they were very close last year in several situations.

DE - Aaron Kampman
DT - Ryan Pickett
DT - Cullen Jenkins
DE - Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila

OLB - A.J. Hawk
MLB - Nick Barnett
OLB - Ben Taylor

CB - Charles Woodson
FS - Nick Collins or Mark Roman
SS - Marquand Manuel
CB - Al Harris

Jaime Moore, moorejs@uwec.edu, Eau Claire, WI

Thrilled to see Favre return to Packers
Dear Todd,
I am so excited that Brett is not retiring. When I read that this morning I screamed and jumped for joy. I think if everyone else is healthy this year he can break a lot of records. I have never lost faith in Brett's ability to play.

If you are a true Packers fan and follow them faithfully you know that all those interceptions were not Brett's fault. When he lost those key players he was used to working with all the time, and had to break in new ones constantly that were not used to his game time "fireball" passes, or not running the route the way that Brett is used to, he never gave up. With so much tragedy going on in his personal life in the last few years he has never wavered from giving 100% in any play. I just admire him so much for that. He has brought so much joy to my life and the lives of all other Packers fans.

It will be a sad day for us when he does decide to retire, but we have this coming season to again see the best NFL player to ever play the game, give it his all. And we'll ALWAYS have the pleasure of calling him OURS. God Bless him and all the other Packers, past and present, who have brought so much happiness to all of us who love them.

Diane Herd, dianeherd@gbpackersfan.com, Marysville, OH

Why so negative about Favre?
Todd Korth,
If you think Favre is returning for the money and the records and basically just because he is a selfish player then you are wrong. In case you missed it, Brett Favre was one of the few professional athletes that actually dedicated his time and money to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He is the most unselfish man in the NFL today.

So what if it took him a long time to decide if he was coming back or not. He has a lot on his plate right now. His wife is recovering from breast cancer, his daughter is finishing up high school, and his mother still doesn't have her house back. Brett Favre brought the Green Bay Packer organization out of the cellar and allowed Packer fans to enjoy 15 seasons of fantastic football. We witnessed the ups and downs of Brett Favre and his career. Just think if Brett Favre would not have become a Packer. We could be like the Bears or Lions that have a different quarterback each year.

I think if you want to talk so negatively about a man that has opened his heart to everyone around him, you should not be writing for the Minnesota Vikings website. I think you just like to hear your own voice sometimes with your bogus articles, so don't write anymore Favre bashing articles on this website.

Kyle Fisher, ktfisher@wisc.edu

Walker trade scenario
Mr. Korth,
I just had I believe my smartest idea in a long time, which for me doesn't say much, but timing is everything. Anyway:

Packers trade Javon Walker for:
1) Donte' Stallworth - good reciever with a poor QB and worse O-line: He should do well here.
2) A 6th round pick from New Orleans
3) SWITCH 2nd and 5th picks in the first round with Saints, so we can take MARIO WILLIAMS!!!!!

Life would be even better than it is now...

Jason Eckes, eckesjh@yahoo.com, Middleton, WI

Good things are happening, but still questions
Could D'Brickashaw Ferguson play guard in his rookie season? Could Chad Clifton or Mark Tauscher move to guard? If we went this route then we'd still need a linebacker (or two) and Peter Boulware is still available.

I'm thrilled that we signed Woodson. Even if he is never again as good as he was in the past, at least we've added some veteran depth and an alternative to our hands-happy Ahmad Carroll. Maybe he can even teach Carroll a thing or two. I'm still bummed that we didn't get Arrington. With Favre officially coming back, things seem like they're falling into place. With Arrington would have felt comfortable saying we had a great off-season before the draft even takes place.

What would you say our weak spots are now? OL? WR?

Could we work a trade with San Francisco to get their 6th and 22nd pick? Is our 5th pick worth both of their first round picks or would it take more than that? Then if we don't get A.J Hawk -- which I'm sure we wouldn't -- we could draft Mike Huff or Vernon Davis at 6 and Chad Jackson or Santonio Holmes at 22.

Tom Voss, voss.tom@gmail.com, Lincoln, NE

Trade Walker for Atlanta backup quarterback
Good morning,
So far, the Packer's front office says Javon Walker isn't a distraction to the team. But the minute mini-camp opens and he's not there, he IS a distraction, whether they admit it or not. It's unavoidable. Therefore I say trade him now before he becomes a disruption.

By trading Walker to Atlanta for Matt Schaub, the Packers get rid of a potential headache AND get a very good QB to compete with Aaron Rodgers to be the Packer's QB of the future.

Ken Parrish, KenParrish53@aol.com, Lynchburg, VA

Let Ted Thompson execute his plan
I'm not sure why but I have always assumed all Packers fans were knowledgeable folks. However, the more comments I read the more I realize how many are lacking knowledge in regards to building and sustaining a successful NFL franchise in the 21st century. I have never seen a single game won in March through August (so just relax). You don't win beginning in September by foolishly over paying big name free agents. There are many example of where this approach has failed if you take the time to research. It's a shame that we live in a world where instant gratification is all we care about. Please give Ted T. and fair chance to execute his plan. Building and sustaining a successful franchise is a process that takes some time. Please, please research how New England has been able to sustain the success they had over the last five years. They added good depth to their roster, they had successful drafts and only added selected free agents (and did not overpay for them). That plan sounds familiar to me (the one Ted T. is trying to execute).

When I read comments like "Ted Thompson has, in my opinion, devastated the Packers franchise" or "Ted Thompson, who apparently has no commitment to his quarterback or his offense" or "Ted Thompson has done nothing in my eyes to give fans much hope for the near future. He seems to spend this money like it is out of his personal account. Come on, Ted, Packers nation deserves a better effort out of you"

I just wonder why folks have such foolish thoughts. If you believe these thoughts you must also believe that Ted T. is intentionally trying to fail (commit career suicide) at his first opportunity to be a GM in the NFL. It just doesn't make sense.

Ted, please stay committed to you plan and beliefs! As Albert Einstein said "Brilliant spirits will always encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds.

Doug, dberkemeier@gaic.com, Cincinnati, Ohio

What a week!
Tue. - Favre says, "He's in"
Wed. - Woodson signed as is DT from the Giants
Thur. - Javon traded in exchange for?? Hopefully a 2nd or 3rd round pick
Sat. - A.J. Hawk drafted?

Pretty exciting week!! Feels a bit like Christmas.

Scott, mihalovic.scott@mayo.edu, La Crosse, WI

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