Hawk should be a hit in Green Bay

Linebacker will help Green Bay's run defense

Many around the game regard Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk the safest selection in the draft. This label does not truly describe the nature of the player or the impact he has on the game. Numerous teams in this draft had Hawk tagged as one of the best three players available.

Hawk does everything well. He attacks the line of scrimmage, he has displayed the ability to get to the quarterback, and the speed and quickness to recognize and run down a play, from sideline to sideline.

Green Bay, looking to solidify its overall defense, with an emphasis on the run, has selected a player which will make those players around him better. While Green Bay was seventh overall in defense last year, the Packers were ranked 23rd against the run, giving up 125.6 yards per game.

Hawk will be counted on to step in and immediately make an impact.

When all is said and done, Hawk could prove to be the purest football player in this draft and should be a hit in Green Bay.

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