Sydney Speaks! Oh, to be young and foolish's Harry Sydney, an old-schooler if there ever was one, is up in arms. A few players showed up overweight at the Packers' recent mini-camp, which is disappointing difficult for Sydney, a former fullback and assistant coach, to accept. He explains why in his column today.

With having the first mini-camp over it's time to look at some of the other things that took place. We all were pleased at what we saw out of A.J. Hawk, Daryn Colledge, Greg Jennings as well as Abdul Hodge - the young guns of the future. Aaron Rodgers also has progressed, but then again there were some serious disappointments!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe in this day and age with the money that these players are making that some guys allow themselves get out of shape. Here it was the first mini-camp and you have guys that were so much out of shape that the coaches wouldn't even let him on the field. I'm talking about guys like Donnell Washington, or Kevin Barry. How can they let this happen? The Packers have a new head coach in Mike McCarthy that's all about needing to win after taking over a team that went 4-12. Anyone with a brain knows that the staff is going to give everyone a chance to compete for a job, which means everyone is going to get a chance to get PAID. So as I see it, these guys are throwing money away and it makes me sick!

I'm old school I played at a time where they weren't throwing money around like they are now. I even joke with my mother that she had me 10 years too soon. I really don't understand how a player that is fighting for his life in the NFL can allow himself to get so out of shape. What happened to pride? As for Barry I really don't understand his thought process. He went out in the free agency market and the only other team that paid any real attention to him was the Lions and that was because of his old coach Larry Beightol, but he decided to come back to Green Bay. WHY, if he's going to be out of shape? Barry could be an excellent guard in this zone-blocking scheme, but not if he isn't willing to commit to keeping his self in shape.

Someone, anyone tell me what is going on? Kevin Barry has a chance to start in the greatest game in the world and isn't willing to pay the price necessary, and for that matter neither is Ryan Pickett. The Packers paid him a boatload of money and they, in my opinion, deserve to at least get their money's worth. Then there is William Whitticker that knows he has to adjust his game to play in this offense. He needs lose weight and be quicker in order to play in this new offense.

Then there is the mindset of someone like Javon Walker. He decides that he needs to leave the Green Bay Packers because he felt disrespected because Ted Thompson didn't want to have a conversation about extending his contract. I guess Javon thought he was E.F. Hutton and when he talked everyone must listen. I understand business is business and everyone must take a stand - the organization and the player - but once things get done and they both get what they want, because they did, why not let it go?

The Packers wanted a number two pick in the draft which they got which, in all honesty, surprised me. Javon wanted a contract extension, which he got, so shouldn't he have been happy? Wouldn't you think? So why was it necessary for Javon Walker to try and dog the Packers? He shouldn't have said anything, but ‘Thank you.' Why try to insult the Green Bay Packers? Why try to point fingers at Ted Thompson because all he did was make him the third highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL. I feel like I'm missing something because instead of him being or acting grateful, he acted like he deserved something for being in the Pro Bowl one year. It's like he forgot he got hurt last year and nobody really knows how well he will come back, not even him. He seemed to forget that Ted Thompson could have said play here, or don't play at all, but he didn't and he held all the cards to Javon's future in the palm of his hands. Instead of him squeezing the life out of him, he let Walker live.

As you can see I just don't understand some of the young modern-day athletes that have all the potential, but somewhere inside them the most important tools seems to be missing. Those things that are missing in my opinion are PRIDE. To me this element must be present in any athlete for that athlete to excel because PRIDE enables them to establish STANDARDS which allows them to establish RESPECT for the game so they can stop being YOUNG AND FOOLISH!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at, and it will be forwarded to him.

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