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Packers fans sound off on Walker, Roman

Put a cork in Walker's pie-hole!
Did you see the conversation Javon Walker had on ESPN in their "Sunday Conversation"? I cannot believe him! He was talking about how he is this great "man of character" he stated. He said he is this big "team player". He said that one of his reasons for being frustrated was that players in the locker room weren't getting along with him very well. Who wants to get along with a loser who won't show up and honor the contract HE SIGNED? Then, he questioned how Brett Favre, "who has his $100 million deal, can talk about Javon Walker's contract situation?" WHAT A JOKE!!!


Maybe it's just me, but this guy needs to stop his gums from flapping, and check his ego at the door! He is nothing but a fringe receiver, at this point in his career, and thinks he's Jerry Rice! Sure, his 12 TDs in 2004 look great on a resume, but he hasn't been doing it for 10 years. He hasn't been doing it for three years! He should have honored his contract, and he would have gotten all the money he will ever get from Denver, but that would have taken a logical, intelligent thought pattern. Hey Javon, just SHUT UP!!!!!

Ben, infamousbacardi@aol.com, Madison, WI

Put Hodge in middle, Barnett on outside
Love your commentary, but I think you are missing the picture by projecting Abdul Hodge at the strong side. Nick Barnett is a natural OLB, and Hodge being a natural MLB (and in my opinion a potentially great pro at this spot) allows the Pack to move Barnett outside where his game can be better utilized.

With our much improved D-Line (Ryan Pickett & another year of experience for the young guys) taking up space and action, think about the potential of speed/power outside at linebacker with Barnett & Hawk, and the motor and instincts of Hodge in the middle. We can finally be a threat to stop the run and pressure the quarterback.

With Nick Collins getting someone next to him who can tackle (Marquand Manuel) and a healthy Charles Woodson to complement Al Harris, this defense could be lots of fun to watch. Staying healthy is always an issue, but with the weak schedule we drew it is not out of the question for us to make a serious run at the playoffs. I'm excited about this year!

Bob Dollinger, bob@newagebioscience.com, Glendale AZ

Do the ‘Arm-chair GMs' really know what they're talking about?
I wrote a few weeks ago about how many "arm-chair" GM's out there made me laugh with their comments. Needless to say, I am still chuckling a bit after the latest comments I read today. Most real and experienced football analysts (Sports Ill., Sporting News, NFL.com, etc.) have all said positive things about the Packers draft and how it should really change the Packers for years to come by building a solid foundation. So why do I laugh at some of the "arm-chair" GMs still?

First are the comments about the deal for Walker was not good enough and the Packers should have got more. Well, it is a nice idea. My question is: Are you able to sell a car after it is totaled and restored for the same value or does it go for a little lower? If this car would be free in a year, is it better to sell it now for something? Since Walker has become sort of a whiner, how much stock do you put into him as a buyer? The added value of the 2nd pick in my opinion is that he is not bringing the team down by being a distraction.

Second, all the comments about not doing enough for Brett Favre. Well, boohoo. I am generally happy he came back, but one person does not make a TEAM. Why would you build a team around a guy who is back for one year, or possibly 2 (although I doubt it). Favre should go out on top and I respect everything he has done except how he has acted in the last few months. Are people looking at the Favre of the mid-2000s and thinking of the Favre of the mid-1990s?

Lastly, how easy is it to stop a runaway bus rolling down a hill from the outside? Answer: it is not easy. The Packers were deteriorating and going downhill fast based of previous GM decisions. Free agents and draft picks ripple through an organization for years. Thompson has had to deal with previous arrangements, make some unpleasant changes to get the cap under control, and get solid players who will be around for years, not thinking about only one year. Are there still holes? Of course, but is the team in a better position than what is was, I think we can all agree on that.

Of course I will also acknowledge that I am looking at this as another "arm-chair" GM and my opinions are worth as much as the next person. Either way I am supporting the team and hope for the best.

Matthew Struble, matthew.struble@sbcglobal.net, Naperville, IL

Roman is a crybaby
What is Mark Roman afraid of? Competition? So the Packers signed his former backup. So What! If he goes out and takes care of business, things will take care of themselves. Since when does the team have to tell a player that it signed another player to the roster?

The way I see it, the Packers pay his salary, not the other way around. What's he going to do if he gets beat out by a rookie, cry to his momma? Get real, Mark.

Maybe the Packers should get rid of him, might be the best for the team. I'm frankly getting tired of all these athletes crying over nothing. And good riddance to J. Walker. Just wish they traded him to a team like the Saints.

Joe Kempski, animal70@att.net, Tempe, Az

Packers should pursue Lelie
Now that we lost Javon Walker, and with Lelie wanting out of Denver, we should go after him. We need a receiver. He is 6-foot-3 and strong, just what our new coach likes.

Robert F. Millman, rfmillman@littler.com, Los Angeles, CA

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